Day 55 of Fab’s Journey to 1 Million Tweets – Tell Us Your Fave Blog!

[ 58 ] May 10, 2011 |

Help us help money.

We need to take something old and turn it into something new. Only prerequisite is that there must be blue…

Happy Tuesday, tweeps. It is another day at the corporate headquarters of the most #fabulous coupon site on the planet, and once again, it just flew by. I can’t believe it.

I feel like there has been this huge void today: I didn’t get enough of a Twitter fix. Didn’t converse enough with all of our fabulous friends. I apologize for that!

The team is all working very hard to make the best for you. We are not cutting corners; we’re taking all of your comments and implementing them. The end result will be the best experience on the internet. Our coupons will always work, you will always save money, and everyone will win!

Our next stop is the blog. We’re going Extreme Makeover on it and doing a complete overhaul. We want to make it the ultimate resource for you, a place where you’d love to come by, meet new experts, save a lil’ money and even read about my little journey to a million tweets. ;)

Sounds fabulous, doesn’t it?

We understand that this is not about us; it is about you, our friends. So I am looking for some friendly advice.

Tomorrow afternoon I have a meeting to discuss with our team. Today, instead of Name that Tune (my favorite game, BTW), I would like to know your favorite blogs and/or bloggers to read. We want to know what you like and why. It just can’t be ours! We will select one of your responses for a $20 gift card from your choice of merchant.

Thanks in advance!

Only 972,849 more tweets to go!

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  1. Tooth Fairy says:

    Your bloggy is #fabulous and believe me I love how you really interact with tweeps!
    ☺ FLYLADY is also a sweet spot!

  2. Didi says:

    I like Robins on line World

  3. Kathy says:

    My favorite must read blog is
    I read it because she has such beauty and strength as a woman. She is also very inspiring

  4. Cheryl Christian says:

    I love because I love to do contests and freebies to help out in this crazy economy. Down to earth and helpful!!

  5. Cindy says:

    My blog is my favorite, but I guess that doesn’t count. Of the blogs I read, it’s hard to choose! I guess my favorite is Feels Like Home:

  6. I love Great tips, shows, and giveaways (easy entries).


    bctripletmom at gmail dot com

  7. Brett says:

    My favorite blog is It is very simple and the content is awesome. I love the way the writers interact with the readers.

  8. Dimple D. says:

    My favourite blog is because its mine. Its my new adventure! I’m new to blogs and blogging, so I am excited about this. Its tons o’ fun :D

  9. Jen K. says:

    I like It’s super easy to navigate, the color scheme is pleasant, the layout is clean and not cluttered. It’s definitely my favorite site to find coupon deals and free internet offers.

  10. Shannon M says:

    I like to read Hip 2 Save, Sweeties Sweepstakes, Deal Seeking Mom. Any blog really that will help me save money! Like Amy above, I also like reading gossip blogs like Perez Hilton. He’s one of my guilty pleasures! ;)

  11. Heather E says:

    I guess one of my favorite blogs is Sweet2Save. She doesn’t overpost, and her posts just always seem relevant to me.

  12. Whitney says:

    I love reading all of the mom bloggers blogs because I can relate to them the majority of the time. I absolutely love it when I get a new blog post in my email from I’m a Lazy Mom…her honesty and stories crack me up!
    whitlav at yahoo dot com

  13. Brandy says:

    I like visiting they have many great bloggers on the site. There is everything from book reviews, to new technology. It is a great site!

  14. Julia Davis says:

    The only blog I follow everyday is It is a local blog that I can find good deals near me.

  15. Anne M. says:

    I like

    lots of money saving ideas, recipes…etc :)

  16. Can I say mine?
    I’m pretty #fabulous ;)

  17. Lisa Carr says:

    I like It’s a beauty & fashion blog. I like seeing new fashions and there’s always a post I can relate to.

  18. Joel says:

    I love Topless Robot because it fills me in on all the geeky comic book news I need to know!

  19. Lewis F says:

    I like to read the Boarding Area because it is well-written blog concerning travel and frequent flyer news. The is also an occasional giveaway.

  20. miss tejota says:

    I read and like a lot of blogs so I can’t narrow it down to my favorites. However, all of my favorites have one thing in common – mobile friendly versions of their blogs. If I’m on the go and need to get my fix of my favorite life blogger, fashion tips, gluten free recipes, mom/dad blogger, or celebrity gossip a functioning mobile site is a must.

    Thanks for seeking our input.

  21. Michael Higgins says:

    I like to read Gilbert Arenas NBA Basketball blog and Google has a live blog I follow as well but nothing better than Fabs !

  22. bikeohio says:

    Favorite blog:

    She’s just awesome! (Is that a good enough reason?)

  23. Betty N says:

    My favorite blog to read is common sense with money dot com. She is of course a couponer and deal/freebie finder. I have been following her for a few years now and always find great infomation. For a blog it’s easy to get around on and loads quickly. I find some blogs I don’t go to because the pages take so long to load. And I am after all looking for deals and don’t want anything to slow me down. Thanks.

  24. Nancy Reid says:

    I like Aly Walansky

  25. MCJunkie says:

    Well here of course. The FS blog rocks! Meow!

  26. Ciji says:

    I LOVE Southern Saver, Jenny is the best! its a blog about coupon match ups!! I love she does not have lots of ads or crap all over her page, its pretty and stright to the point!

  27. diandran26 says:

    my favo. blog is budget savy Diva….she is like ya’ll she posts deals also she posts free stuff and giveaways….

  28. Cindy H. says:

    I like mine..teehee, it’s simple, but fun, it needs work, this I know. But never the less..I like it :)

  29. Jen says:

    I love reading Miss 604′s blog She provides her readers with local content, everything from unique parts of the city and it’s history to events to topics concerning the readers!

  30. Toni Moore says:

    I like for everything Momma related and I love any Interior Design, Art, and DIY blogs to find new project ideas for my home! Love to be inspired by other Mommas and Artists!!! :D @VectoringMomma

  31. Angela says:

    I love Great parenting content & giveaways

  32. Sue Xiong says:

    I like visiting,,, and for their organized yet aesthetic layout designs, loads of pictures, and great reviews!

  33. Lunachique says: The Steve Don’t Eat It Section is one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen! It’s got some crude language, but it’s stupendous. I also love

    • Shannon says:

      Thanks! Humourous blogs definitely seem to take the cake. oh and cuteoverload is one of my favorites too :)

  34. Marjorie says:

    I would have to say buzz agent site there always info on everything there from beauty to fashion techno gadget , It’s a cute site. With sunshine color. Plus the buzz scapes are very cool. You can learn a lot on this site about many products. And what product testers think. It’s truly one of the ki d site. Ty congrats on your Journey. *+*

  35. Kalyn says:

    My favorite blog is

    She is a YouTuber, and this is her blog page! I love it! She is hilarious! I think humor goes a long way at keeping people coming back to your page! And I love her on Twitter @Jenna_Marbles

  36. denimorse says:

    I use Google Reader, so I read a lot of blogs through there. My favorites are the Disney Parks Blog for all my Disney news, The TV Addict for my television news, Elana’s Pantry for my gluten free recipes, and Perez Hilton for trashy goodness. :)

  37. Alyssa says:

    i love country music is love and billboard because they are so easy to use and can be loaded on a moblie device so easily

    • Shannon says:

      Thanks, that’s a very good point! It’s great when a blog can easily be loaded to a mobile device.

  38. Claudia D says:

    I really like 89th and Broke. They are young professionals (one lives near my neighborhood) and post a daily list/story/review with ideas for things to do, places to eat, great shopping ideas and freebies. Everything they list is very inexpensive or free and is around NYC.

    • Shannon says:

      Thanks! Checked out the blog, it’s so informative. Great for you especially since you live in that area. :)

  39. Crystallewis60 says:

    My favorite blog is it has amazing beauty tips, make up reviews and giveaways. :) twitter is @crystallewis60

  40. Kim C says:

    i am in love with, i love the way she breaks it down how to get the best use out of coupons.

  41. amy L says:

    I love visiting for the guilty pleasure of celebrity news and gossip :) From a technical perspective, I like the site layout and video integration…it’s easy to navigate and it pulls us into commenting and being active members of the site!

    • Shannon says:

      TMZ is such a guilty pleasure! I’m not gonna lie, I love it too. Check it almost every day :) – Thanks!

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