Day 36 of Fab’s Journey to 1 Million Tweets

[ 2 ] April 21, 2011 |

It’s been a pretty crazy day here at the FabulousSavings office, and that’s being mild. Do we have any astrology buffs reading this? Me and my co-worker Lindy were discussing Mercury Retrograde, a strange time that occurs every few months where everything seems to go wonky and weird. It’s definitely gotten us in a bit of a tizzy.

But not to worry, we’re still as fabulous as ever. Speaking of which, what’s been going on in the land of twitter?

Winners, Parodies & Pranksters

We finally announced the lucky winner of our iPad 2 contest – @TheRedCloak! Consider this win an extension of her frankly amazing streak of luck, as she was recently offered her dream job AND accepted into a graduate program. One word: wow.

The best non-Tyra Banks related thing to happen to TV.

I managed to discuss the new Game of Thrones HBO show with @cheyanne2163, @Slappy2001, @wanderingmn (whose husband wasn’t impressed, it seems) and @DinaJ. It sets my nerd heart aflutter that the response appears to be mainly positive. And who doesn’t love Sean Bean?

Me and @pokemontez expressed deep disappointment over Lady Gaga’s disapproval of Weird Al’s “Born This Way” parody. Get it together, Stefani. Considering she once wore a lobster claw mask in public, you’d think she’d have a better sense of humor about herself? This video summarizes my feelings on the matter:

The dramatic music is my favorite part.

Anyway, Scream 4′s been a popular subject. Has anyone else seen it  yet? (This mega-Scream fan loved every second.) Someone pranked my friend by pretending to be Ghostface and cornering him in his building’s laundry room. @mfsabre and I both agreed that, barring any shock-related heart attacks, punching this trickster would be letting them off easy.

Here’s hoping next week brings just as much craziness and hysteria (in a positive, productive way, of course).

We’re at 24,467 tweets right now. Just 975,333 more tweets left! Until next time…

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  1. abitnerdy says:

    I saw Games of Throne, a bit more gore than I am use to, but over all I am liking it. Makes me feel like a video game come to life– haha. Congrats to the winner sounds like everything is falling into place for her i loveit! :)

  2. Theo says:

    Thank you so much. Frankly, I am still in shock! Cannot believe I won and I truly appreciate it!

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