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[ 37 ] April 12, 2011 |

I am finally back, and I have to tell you: the last 10 days have been so crazy. I have been a lil’ machine for so long that I finally just crashed and needed some time to get my mojo back. Well, it’s back and me along with it – fresher than ever.

This morning reminded me exactly why I fell in love with Twitter in the first place: the people. Our followers are by far the most #fabulous. Today, I reconnected with some of our favs. Plus, I also met new tweeps. Don’t I have the best job ever?

The morning started with Stacy @SLThrun3 talking so nice about us. She’s such a sweetie! Then came @hairgirl1966 singing Super Freak (her fav song) and @Carmasez who is one of the funniest tweeps out there. @diandraN26 had us guess what her tattoo of the day was – I guessed right!!

@pizzalogger has the sniffles and isn’t her normal self. I offered to bring over soup to make her feel better. I think she is still waiting for me… :P

@TedRubin, my favorite social media guru, didn’t like my restaurant suggestions for Chicago. Oh well, I tried. And then, all the usuals came over to say good morning: @diamondslady812, @ladylisa1, @ciesla504, @dinaj and @msmorev.

My new friend @justcallmerayj talked nature with me: trees, rats and raid, oh my. I then played Angry Birds with @PerkettPR for hours and promised not to tell the big boss, @missusp.

All this before I even left to come in to the office! On my way, I stopped to get goodies for @abitnerdy and @lifeonprint. Ladies, the packages have left the building. :)

And this afternoon, I saw some amazing coupons go up on the site:

So it was a great day chatting with amazing people and helping them save. Speaking of amazing peeps, I want to introduce some of my team to you:

    Andrew really likes the nerdy stuff (“nerd” isn’t a bad word to him; it’s what makes him #fabulous). Superheroes, video games, Doctor Who – you name it, he’s probably obsessed with it. He’s also a big bookworm – you tweeps have probably noticed he’s asked for good book recommendations a few times. If you ever come across a good post-apocalyptic novel, a cool new iPhone app, or the latest gossip in the tech world, send a tweet his way. He’ll definitely appreciate it.
    Shannon is into most things girly: fashion, beauty and pop culture. But, from time to time, she’ll do a 180 and get into the nerdy and even sporty stuff as well. So, if you’re excited about a new purchase, planning on going to a show (concert or musical), or just looking to gossip about the latest news, send a tweet Shannon’s way!
    Pamela’s usually busy tweeting away on our CA & UK Twitter accounts, but she pops over here every now and then. What makes her #Fabulous is her ability to stay on top of music and pop culture trends. She has the uncanny ability of hearing a song once (twice, max) and committing it to memory forever. It’s served her well in music trivia games. She’s mostly into alternative or Indie rock music, but as the mom of a 5-year-old boy, she’s all too familiar with kids TV theme songs!

That ends another day on my journey to a million tweets. Hope you are enjoying the ride, the views, and the company so far. We still got a long way to go.

Now… tell me something #Fabulous about you, and I will randomly select one of the comments to receive a $10 iTunes card.

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  1. Joyce K McDaniel says:

    I am fabulous for even though I am disabled and find it hard to do things in life, I am willing to help any of my friends or strangers in need when they are having a rough time in their life. I would rather give to a family at Christmas than to myself for it gives me joy in my heart.!/joycemcdaniel88

  2. Leif E. says:

    I am #fabulous because I can play guitar with my teeth while playing piano with my toes. I always play the song I made infamous by not playing it the same way twice: “Random Notes and Awful Out-of-Tune Crashing Cacophony.”


  3. Ciji says:

    I’m #fabulous beacuse I listen, while others vent! Sometimes its not always great to be so fab, but we all need an ear!

  4. desaria says:

    I am #Fabulous fabulous because I help people without being asked. #Fabulous

  5. Dina L says:

    I’m #fabulous because I like everyone at @fabuloussavings :-)

  6. Crystal says:

    #random #fabulous I loveeeeeeee Nicholas sparks novels and working on owning the alll!

  7. Mike says:

    I’m #Fabulous because I use the coupons on this site for health and fitness purchases and I’ve been getting in shape for the summer

  8. Eric says:

    Feel strange saying I am #Fabulous (obvious reasons, lol) but I guess you could say it’s cause I know Smarties and Aero chocolates (from above) are awesome! In regards to the main topic of this blog, I am very dedicated in helping out my girlfriend. She’s been having some health issues the past few years (we’ve been together for over 4 years)- one month into our relationship she got really sick and things changed for the worse. I truly believe one day she’ll get better. She doesn’t drive anymore, so I do what I can to help her out. From doctor appointments, to everyday needs – I do what I can to always be her sunlight when times are dark.

  9. Kiernan says:

    I’m fabulous because I have a fabulous iPad 2 from some fabulous people. And I need some fabulous apps. :)

  10. Nancy Reid says:

    I am fabulous because I know the value of a dollar and find great deals to stretch it at Fabulous Savings!!

  11. alyssa says:

    i’m faboulous because i love savings

  12. bikeohio says:

    I have three first names.

  13. ciesla504 says:

    What makes me fabulous? Hmmmmm.. I guess one of the things that makes me fabulous is that I always try to stay positive even when my day is not going as well as I had hoped and/or times are tough. I will try to turn the negative in my day into a positive and focus on the brighter and positive things in life that I can be grateful for. I truly dislike negativity! Positive brings positive!

  14. carma says:

    Thanks for the nice surprise :D Hey, Nerdy is going to be on Cloud 9 with those snax!!! Nerdy loves her snax!

    Hmmm…..scratching head for something fabulous to mention – oh, that I scored high on the test – high enough to get accepted into the program — this “dinosaur” is headed back to school. I’d say that’s #fabulous

    Sounds like you’ve got a great team there – anyone who likes Dr. Who is a keeper!!

  15. Rebecca J says:

    I had no time at work today to get on my laptop, so I guess I am #fabulous cause I rocked lots of hair at work today, singing the whole time Of course :)

  16. Tooth Fairy says:

    I am a #Fabulous because I am the Tweeting Tooth Fairy on Twitter @toothfairycyber ☺ BUT believe me today did not feel quite as fantastic as I expected it really should…♥ Some i-tunes to sweeten my mood would be fairy nice! ♪♫

  17. Dina L says:

    I love your blog posts! :) Thanks for including me again! <3

  18. emilio ramos says:

    im #fabulous because im a superstar!

  19. Audrey H. says:

    I am #fabulous because I… hmmm lets see.. what makes me fabulous.. ummm ahhh.. hmmm.. Oh I know, my humility :)

  20. Jon says:

    Something #fabulous….I try to be optimistic…no matter what comes my way!!!

  21. Patty Niedert says:

    Something #fabulous about me…..I got married at the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas! (My 13 year anniversary is this Thursday, April 14!)

  22. Sue Xiong says:

    I’m FABULOUS because I love shopping and saving money!

  23. Lunachique says:

    Something fabulous about me is that I have a very strange ability to absorb really random stuff from actors and actresses, names, fonts just by looking at them, trivia, etc. It’s a strange talent to have, but it comes in handy a LOT!

  24. Maureen says:

    I think I am fabulous because I volunteer at an animal shelter to help sweeties find forever homes.

  25. Kelsea says:

    I am an independent film maker and also do a bit of web dev and graphic design. I can cook, I’m an avid gamer, and I have a hot wife.

  26. Renee J. says:

    Love the blog :)! Very cute and hello to the Twitter friends above! ***WAVES HELLOOOOO*** ; I know a few from there! I am #Fabulous because I’m different. I have my own sense of style, I’m creative, I’ve never followed the “in-crowd” – I think being true to yourself and standing on your own two feet is what makes a person #Fabulous :)! Being unique and just “YOU” is what stands out to me. Love ya guys!

    @ReneeJ68 from Twitter

  27. I love helping, when I can…no, not because I’m Canadian! I started my blog in August 2010, and have made many great friends through social media. #Fabulous

  28. geekbabe says:

    I can’t win this contest for obvious reasons but had to stop into say I’m totally jealous over those candy boxes:)

    I love sweets, I’m kinda sort famous for loving them:)

  29. Charissa S. says:

    I am a mom of 3 toddlers, I’m caring for my bedridden husband all on my own, and I’m a computer science major with a 4.0 GPA.

  30. Denise says:

    Oooh forgot to leave my twitter name – @denimorse for comment above

  31. Marie Leclerc says:

    Nothing fabulous about me, boring boring boring…but predictable!

  32. Denise says:

    Hmmm…. something #fabulous.

    Well something nerdy is that i am a huge Star Wars nerd. My ringtone on my phone is Star Wars Elevator Music. Is that #Fabulous?

  33. stacy T says:

    LOL here I am and I have nothing! Hmmm….have a #fabulous day!

  34. diandran26 says:

    i’m fabulous because there is no one else on earth like me,

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