Day 15 of Fab’s Journey – From Andrew’s Perspective

[ 1 ] March 31, 2011 |

Hey you fierce tweeps, Andrew here.

I’ve been working hard behind the scenes on blog posts for FS, but it wasn’t until this week that I got a stab at chatting with our followers on twitter! Fab asked me to write a post about my experience as we continue our quest toward 1 million tweets (writing that made me feel a little like @tyrabanks at a Top Model elimination ceremony. I should be smizing).

Pictured above: smizing. I think.


For my first go-around I was lucky enough to get a lot of very nice shout-outs from @mmc67 (who has a very sweet icon), @hairgirl1966, @sienna337 and @c_booher, whom I engaged in a brief Bring It On-style brawl with. Team Toros!

So, okay, that “❒Single ❒Taken” trending topic? Totally just an excuse to show off your relationship status. How transparent. I figured I’d one-up everyone by letting it be known that at FS, we’re neither – we’re ✔Fabulous!

My favorite gossip blog of all time, OhNoTheyDidnt, wasn’t working this morning. Before I broke down in gossip-deprived tears, @njgrl helpfully linked me to In Case You Didn’t Know. (That new Wonder Woman costume, btw? This comic geek isn’t feeling it.)

We also got a very nice shout-out from @BigBaldMoo, who used our Crayola coupon for 20% off any order. He needed to fill some Easter baskets with non-candy items. Responsible parenting and shopping with coupons… good combo, if you ask me.

@ihelenb inquired about the identity of Fab, and I responded thusly: Fab’s our company superhero. Faster than a speeding coupon! Powers include tweeting awesome jokes, creating our best giveaways and coming up with fabulous contests. Speaking of which…

Facebook Contest

I was browsing through our I Am #fabulous Contest photo entries on our Facebook page and couldn’t help but notice this one:

An iguana! In a spa! Insanity. We hope you can step up your game, folks, because it’s hard to beat a lizard chilling in the sun. Remember to send in your super-creative entries to You have until April 15!

What’s Next?


More tweeting, of course. If you’re not already, follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook to keep up-to-date with our new contests and giveaways. You never know when the next one might pop up… wink, wink.

It’s been real, tweeps! Fab will be back soon. Only 980,855 tweets to go!

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