Day 14 of Fab’s Journey – How’s My Tweeting?

[ 8 ] March 30, 2011 |

So it is now Wednesday morning, and I am thinking about the song Like a G6. This week is just flying by faster than a Gulfstream VI (that’s what the song is about, Silly).

Another week is halfway done, but this week has been fun so far! I committed to being on Twitter as much as I can. Less meeting, more tweeting.  Remember this is all about my Journey to 1 Million Tweets.

Monday we found out that our good friend @upstatemelissa got engaged to her high school sweetheart: he picked her up, brought her to their old school and then got on one knee…how romantic.

Everyone here seemed to have fun with the Stinky IT Guy who magically stunk up our office (which is two floors, by the way) except for me. I seriously felt like I was being punk’d and that @aplusk was following us around the office ready to jump out. I even asked @oldspice and @kathygriffin to send me the Old Spice man. Didn’t happen for me…so much for Twitter customer service.

I helped some people save money with some amazing deals yesterday. We are well over 10,000 active coupons – that is #fabulous. Remember: if you need something, we are here for you.

We did get some amazing entries in our I Am #fabulous Contest, which is making us beam with pride to actually see our fabulous followers in action – you make us all so proud!

My goal is simple for our team here: we want to know all of you, at least a name. :)

I decided I wanted to let my office air out – yes, it was that bad – and do the GTC (Gym Twitter Coupon) from home today. What a grand idea.

Our new friend @hairgirl1966 told us about her worst hair cut. Do you know there is a Mentor, Ohio?

@grumpy1970 entertained us with pictures of crazy animals. You need to see the albino alligator – super spooky! And there really is a “liger.”

But today was all about learning the Science of Timing, the big webcast about social media by @danzarrella. It was going to be my time to shine!  For the last 3 weeks I have been tweeting maybe 300 or 400 a day (and I think I am not doing enough)… Then Dan speaks and says that 23 tweets in a day is a lot……Whoa, Nelly!  I tweet 23 times in, maybe, 30 minutes. All of sudden my life just flashed before my eyes. Am I gonna get fired? Do people not like what I am doing? Good thing I am at home today… ’cause this isn’t job security.

He does say to tweet more though…not sure what to think now.

Deep inside I know our aim is true: We want to help; we want to be here for our followers… It just feels right. One good thing if I were to only tweet 23 times a day: I would be employed for 8700 weeks to finish my journey.

Then I helped Toni @vectoringmama find a discount on a Macbook, and I even found a Hugh Hefner-type robe for Whitney’s @luckystars54   husband with both 10% off and free shipping at Shoebuy.

It is right!

I now have 981,118 tweets to go to a Million, I wonder who I am gonna meet next.


P.S. I suggested giving away another iPad for our next contest, but they asked me why. Help me out here, peeps. What should I tell them?

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  1. abitnerdy says:

    Hey There Fab!

    You’re tweeting is Fabtabulous! :)


    Fabulous Savings should hold an iPad 2 contest part 2 because this time the giveaway would be geared towards maybe promoting more of a following for Facebook.

    I will be pondering this more for you. :) cheers xoo

  2. Doug M says:

    I would like win an Ipad for my daughter. Hannah is twelve and she has played with an Ipad in the store. She is not asking for one but I know it would be a big surprise for her.


  3. Helen says:

    To answer your iPad question – I think most people either want an iPad for themselves, or want to be able to give an iPad to someone else. I’m actually in the second category. My husband is the one that wants an iPad, and therefore, I’m kind of going crazy trying to win him one, since we all know how expensive they are. Our son would probably love the iPad too, because he goes crazy over anything that’s new in the house (even junk mail) and also because he would probably be a main user. Why do I want to win my husband an iPad? Because it would probably make him deliriously happy. He says that the iPad is the next stage in the evolution of computing. Everyone will be using tablets or something.

    It would also be a great learning tool for our child. So in our family, at least 3 people will be happy with an iPad. Now back to your question – having an iPad contest will result in at least one happy person, possibly more. The last iPad contest was such a success (in terms of fun for fans, traffic to your site, traffic to twitter, traffic to the web, getting to know Fabulous Savings, etc.), that a lot of people actually benefited in ways we may not even be aware. Sure there was one very lucky winner, but the positive effects on many, many, many more (friends and family of winner, people that entered the contests, people that work at Fabulous Savings, people that are connected to all of the above, etc.) still exist, although they are hard to quantify.

    People (speaking in the general sense, not every person of course) go crazy over contests. And people certainly go crazy over iPads. Even more so for the iPad2, because people just want the latest and greatest. Also the iPad2 is hard to get (waiting time), so winning one would sort of make that point seem moot. Free iPad2? Oh yeah!

    Long post I know. I’m surprised there’s no word limit here… :) Hope I answered your question thoroughly enough.

    p.s. Love your posts. And yes, I did chuckle about the customer service part. My son asked me why I was laughing.

  4. dublrs says:

    Love the blog and tweeting with you! When they ask you why, jjust say ‘because’…lol. (thats what I like to do….haha…makes ‘em nutz).

    Keep up the great work!

  5. Shannon M says:

    Fabulous blog post! I think y’all should give away another iPad because EVERYONE loves iPads! I can only name one person who doesn’t want an iPad and that’s my lame brother in law, who’s kind of a putz! They are a great tool to watch videos, play games, listen to music, surf the net and now they can take photos! I say give another one away and I’ll do my best to spread the word to everyone I know! Thanks!!!! Keep up the good work!

    • Shannon says:

      We’ll do what we can! Once we get to 5000 followers on Twitter we’ll be talkin’ iPad2′s. Thanks for your comment! :)

  6. Didi says:

    I would love to win an ipad. It would be a great learning tool for my two elementary school children. They could play games. I could use it for the camera. I volunteer alot at my kids school and I could use it for the PTA stuff I am doing. Thank you for the contest. Have a great day.

  7. Whitney says:

    Love your creativeness this morning, especially for hump day! Love the blog post, it’s just as fabulous as you are!

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