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Hammacher Schlemmer toys and gadgetsHammacher Schlemmer is such an interesting store to look through. They’ve got product solutions that make your life easier and cool things that are created for the sole purpose of fun. Have a look – you might be surprised at the unexpected stuff you’ll find.

Right now, they’re hosting an up to 85% off private sale, and I couldn’t help but take a gander at what they’re offering.

This sale ends on February 28, 2013. Plus, these are sale items meaning there are limited quantities available, so make a list of things you want quickly!

The StrumdrumanoThe Strumdrumano

Price: $19.95 (was $69.95)

The name says it all, doesn’t it? This one product is a guitar, drum and a piano all in one.

The neck folds up, so you can play it as a guitar. Fold the neck down and flip it over to use it as a drum. Or open one of the back panels to reveal a 24-key piano. You can even attach an MP3 player to it. Talk about an efficient design!

The Snowball SlingshotThe Snowball Slingshot

Price: $29.95 (was $39.95)

Forget throwing a snowball. Shoot it across the sky with a slingshot. Now that’s how you snowball-fight dirty.

This little device can throw a baseball-sized snowball across various distances, depending on how far you pull back the elastic tubing. If this lands in the hands of an expert slingshotter, there wouldn’t even be a battle.

The Motion Sensing Personal HeaterThe Motion Sensing Personal Heater

Price: $39.95 (was $49.95)

Yep, I need this. Working in an open office means some people will be cold while others will be hot. It’s just normal.

This little heater can go on or under the desk to keep your personal work area warm and toasty. Plus, it turns off when no movement is detected. Energy saver!

The 10 Minute Charge Mini RacersThe 10 Minute Charge Mini Racers

Price: $39.95 (was $49.95)

Do you feel a need, a need for speed?

These little racers come in a set of two so you can compete against a buddy. They reach up to 200+ mph scale speed (SCALE speed, people). They can turn left and right, as well as go back and forth.

The LED Matrix WatchThe LED Matrix Watch

Price: $39.95 (was $129.95)

I’ve been looking at this watch for five minutes, and I can’t figure out how it works. But I think that’s why I want it!

This LED watch has 1 to 12 on the left for the hours, and increments of 5 on the right for the minutes. It also uses a similar method to tell the date and month.

The Analog Dial Flip ClockThe Analog Dial Flip Clock

Price: $49.95 (was $129.95)

If you’re someone who is very, very strict on punctuality, move along. This isn’t for you.

I chose it for its design in simplicity and unique “huh” feature. The panels on this clock flip only every 15 minutes. I mean, really… who needs to know the time to the exact minute anyway, right?

The Water Squirting Remote Controlled CarThe Water Squirting Remote Controlled Car

Price: $69.95 (was 99.95)

To the unsuspecting target, this is just an innocent remote controlled car. And then you turn on the water gun when they least expect it!

That’s right. This RC car squirts water from the front nozzle – up to 15′ away. It’s also equipped with traction tires for rough terrains and can go up to 11mph. It’s one souped-up RC car.

Go visit their private sale at up to 85% off and see what gems you can find. There are also lots of functional and practical items on sale too! Remember: it ends February 28, 2013.

Would you use a slingshot in a snowball fight? If you know how to read that matrix clock, leave a comment a let me know!


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