commuter bag conundrum: anything but the rolling suitcase

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Commuting to work is exhausting. And when you’re trudging twice a day across town, your bag of choice can be a giant burden. Since you’ll be donning it for a few hours a day, you want a bag that not only makes moving around easy, but one that also makes you hold your head high with pride.

To and from work my commute is about 2-3 hours depending on if the subway and bus all magically align. This means I have to take careful consideration into which bag I slug around on the trek. I’m actually on the lookout for a new bag right now, and here are a few things I’ve found that really count (notice none of them are wheels – those are tripping-machines):

  1. Weight – it has to be lightweight enough for easy movement, yet sturdy enough to handle commuter necessities e.g. the free paper, eBook, lunch containers, a sweater, a hat and possibly extra shoes.
  2. Pockets - technically pockets and zippers. That bag is moving in all different directions and your stuff needs to be locked up tight.
  3. Looks – thousands of people are going to see your bag. One or two “what a cute bag!” comments can really brighten your day.

My fave style of bag by far is the messenger bag. The crossbody straps make it a bit easier on the shoulders and simple to manoeuvre through turnstiles and up escalators. Plus, they have more pockets than you can shake a stick at. Here are some divine ones I found on eBags. We even have an eBags coupon for 20% off your order, so you can save the extra change for tokens.

Kipling Madhouse

First off, this bag is way light at only 1 pound. It’s also available in a number of different colors, so you can match it to your personality. And finally? It’s expandable! Perfect for days when you bring your lunch or need to carry a book or two.

Nuo Eco-Friendly Canvas

I love this bag. The color is great, it’s not overly huge, and it’s eco-friendly (bonus!). Not only can it fit all your books and keys and such, but it also fits your laptop and has power cord pockets. Very low-key, yet it is perfect for commuting long distance with a ton of stuff.

ClaireChase Messenger

The bags above are pretty casual, so you may need something a bit more professional for a meeting with your top client. Thus I bring you the ClaireChase. The ClaireChase is a bit heavier at 4 pounds, so be a bit more selective in choosing what to put in it. But the elegance really shines with the 100% cowhide leather. You’ll really be taken seriously with this pro messenger.

Urban Junket Stella Device Bag

Personally, this is my fave of the four. It may not be able to handle a big lunch container, but will keep your eReader safe and snug, and it’s made from recycled plastic bottles for those of us that like to go green. Plus, it’s too cute and will most definitely get you a compliment or two.

Which one do you like? Do you have a favorite bag to take to work?


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  1. Andrew says:

    I love the look of the Nuo Eco-Friendly canvas bag, reminds me of being back in college!

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