Coffee Gifts for the Coffee Connoisseur

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There are two types of coffee drinkers: Those that enjoy a cup of joe, and those that truly relish not just the taste, but the ingredients and effort that goes into every pot.

I fancy myself in the coffee connoisseur category – I really love my coffee. So, I can honestly give you a piece of advice: if you’re thinking of getting the real coffee drinker in your life a new gadget, you may want to look beyond just a classic brewer or French Press. You may want to take a gander at these:

Bodum PEBO

Not only does it make great coffee, but it makes it in an impressive fashion! The Bodum PEBO uses a vacuum to create the perfect cup of joe right on a stovetop. Oh, and it’s dishwasher safe, which is more than I can say for most coffee makers. If your loved one enjoys entertaining and showing off, they’ll be delighted with this. Save on yours today with Amazon coupon codes.



The Aeropress is what the French Press wishes it was. Not only does it take a mere 10 seconds to brew, gives beverage strength equal to espresso, but it also lessens the acidity making it easier on the stomach. It’s also perfect for those who love traveling! The Aeropress is small, so it can easily fit in a bag and be taken on the road. All in all, a great gift for under $50.


Coffee Filter Straws

At first glance, this may look a little like something else – but it’s not! These glass straws have a filter attached, so it’s easy to get that cuppa anywhere. Just put loose coffee grounds or loose leaf tea in a cup of boiling water and sip away. The filter makes sure you don’t taste any grits. A perk? No lipstick smudges on the cup!


Joulies Thermo Beans

It always seems like a cup is too hot or too cold. What could possible fix this problem? Well, magic beans of course! To be honest, I can’t figure out how they work, but put these in your hot beverage and the temp drops to an acceptable level – then stays there. Sure, at around $100 they’re a little pricey, but can you really put a price on the perfect cup of coffee? The coffee connoisseur would surely say no.

What’s your favorite coffee gadget? Have you ever been given an awesome coffee gadget gift?


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