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School’s Out!: The #Fabulous iPad2 Contest – STUDENT Edition!

[ 14 ] May 3, 2011

Thank you to everyone that entered.


We’ve got a special treat just for you! ;)

We know school is coming to an end and many of you are just finishing exams, so what better way to end off the school year than winning an iPad2!?

Contest Details

  • Visit and find our secret page. Please have javascript enabled. You’ll know you’ve found it when a special pop-up appears! (HINT: If you’re having issues, go to our homepage and take a look at the Featured Merchants box.)
  • Add your school name in the blank space beside the @ sign in the tweet. Tweet the secret message.
  • Contest will run from Monday, April 25th (5pm EST) until Thursday, May 19th (11:59pm EST). Winner will be announced Friday, May 20th on Twitter and the blog.

Bonus Entries

For an option of 5 bonus entries, you have the choice of 3 topics to write about on your blog:

  • Why your school is #fabulous?
  • What makes you a #fabulous student?
  • Why are you looking forward to a #fabulous summer?

The blog post can be as short or as long as you like! Once your blog post has been posted, please leave a comment below with your Twitter handle and a link to your post.

Rules and Regulations

  1. 18+ US and Canadian residents only
  2. Only students and recent graduates (up to two years) are allowed to enter
  3. The winner must provide proof of student status by showing  a student or alumni ID card or providing a college email
  4. Must be following @FabulousSavings to enter
  5. Anyone who tweets the message more than once a day will be disqualified
  6. Maximum 30 entries in total per person (25 daily Twitter entries + 5 bonus entries for a blog post)

When tweeting your daily entries, please keep in mind that we run by Eastern Standard Time (EST). reserves the right to cancel this contest at its discretion. reserves the right to change the rules at anytime. shall not be responsible for any possible technical difficulties or delays which might otherwise affect eligibility.

Day 44 of Fab’s Journey to 1 Million Tweets

[ 3 ] April 29, 2011


Wow! What a fun and historical day!

As you may have heard (unless you’ve been living under a giant rock), today was the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William. And it was just lovely! I mean, could her dress be any more perfect for the occasion? It was the perfect blend of traditional and modern. Good job, Sarah Burton!

Simply perfection.

Facebook Contest

To add even more excitment to this royal day we announced the winners of our Facebook photo contest! Congrats to our 2nd, 3rd and people’s choice winners: @CarmaSez, @bigbaldmoo and @AnnickVer.

And of course a big CONGRATS to our 1st place winner @Mikeh345 – funny faces really are #fabulous!!!

Twitter Party

Speaking of #fabulous giveaways, last night was our Twitter Party! Thank you sooo much to everyone who could attend! We had an amazing time talking about shopping, coupons, saving and cocktails!

Even Fab dropped by at the end of the party to say hi! Once again we’d just like to send out a huge thanks to @abitnerdy and @geekbabe. We couldn’t have done it without them.

Thanks, everyone! We’ll be back next week. Until then, Fab is currently at 25, 376 with 974, 624 tweets to go!

Have a #fabulous weekend! :)

Day 43 of Fab’s Journey to 1 Million Tweets: Extreme Edition!

[ 4 ] April 28, 2011

Howdy loyal readers!

Two more days until the weekend, and one more until Rebecca Black Appreciation Day. Actually, no, that’s something I made up just now and would be the most pointless celebration since National Mustard Day (August 6 – mark your calendars! Or don’t).

Er, no, Rebecca. It's not.

Speaking of celebrations, guess what #fabulous occasion we’re throwing tonight?


Twitter Party

With our pals @geekbabe and @abitnerdy, we’re holding a swanky Twitter Cocktail party tonight at 8 pm EST. Pop by on twitter and say hello!

Of course, we’ve got prizes we’ll be giving away, but you’ll need to RSVP for a chance to win! There’s still time, so head over to The Shopping Queen to nab a place.

Couponing, Diving & Drinking

Extreme Couponing (aka Hoarders: Coupon Edition) was on last night, and if you haven’t seen it, you missed half an hour of pure insanity. I can’t figure out which of the two featured couponers was crazier. Was it Desirae, who dumpster dives and spends 60 obsessive hours a week couponing?

Or was it Stephanie, who steals newspapers from foreclosed homes and has anxiety attacks whenever she approaches the register at grocery stores?

This GIF really says it all:

On the twitter side of things, I discussed favorite drinks with you tweeps in light of tonight’s bash and came across some awesomely varied responses. Favorite libations included the always-classic Jack & Coke (@born2boop) and the Margarita (@cheyanne2163). @bikeohio mentioned an interesting Korean canned drink that includes Persimmon juice and cinnamon. Yum.

Let us know what your favorite drink is in our comments section. Doesn’t have to have alcohol in it – just whatever makes you happy!

Only 974,882 more tweets to go. Don’t forget to join the festivities on twitter tonight!

Day 42 of Fab’s Journey to 1 Million Tweets

[ 0 ] April 27, 2011

Hello again! It’s time for your daily dose of Fab’s journey…

First of all…happy hump day! Just two more days until it’s the weekend!

Did any of you catch the premiere of The Voice last night? Apparently it wasn’t bad! @hairgirl1966 gave it a thumbs up and so did @SLThrun3. But that’s no biggie for @pokemontez. The studio for the show is right next door to his work! How cool is that!?

And speaking of television last night…who watched Glee!?!? They did their own rendition of (Fab’s favorite) the Barbra Streisand song!

I think they did a pretty darn good job! What do you think?

Twitter Party

Just a reminder that our #fabulous Twitter party is tomorrow night at 8pm EST. There’s still time to RSVP, so if you haven’t yet, head on over to The Shopping Queen.

We also just want to do a quick shoutout to @abitnerdy and @geekbabe for helping us plan the party. They’ll be our hosts for the evening so feel free to pop by and say hello!

Thanks for another #fabulous day!

We’re off with 25,011 tweets and 974,989 tweets to go!

Day 41 of Fab’s Journey to 1 Million Tweets

[ 2 ] April 26, 2011

Hey tweeps, tweepaholics, tweeples, and twitizens alike. Andrew here to bring you the latest and greatest news from the land of twitter and our fabulous office.

Juuust in case you missed yesterday’s announcement, we’re starting a new iPad 2 contest! College/university students, this one’s for you: blog about why your school is #fabulous for a chance to win Apple’s most versatile media tool ever (until the next update, that is).

So what’s been going on in the sunny fields of twitter?

Celebrity Criminals, Movie Sequels & Britney Spears 


 The other day I asked our savvy followers who, of all the celebs in the world, they’d like to throw in jail. Shannon featured an answer yesterday (the entire Jersey Shore cast, naturally), but I have to agree with @Mommy3G – Charlie Sheen. If not him, then can we at least lock away his ability to speak?

I engaged in a brief but hilarious discussion about the worst movie sequel you tweeps have seen. Both @whitbord and @pizzalogger voted for the Saturday Night Fever sequel Staying Alive, which I had no idea existed. I think this calls for a movie night.

Did you hear about the ticket prices for Britney Spears’ upcoming tour? Upwards of $1000 bucks for a front seat! Pardon my French, but holy crap balls. I love Britney as much as the next pop-culture-saturated Generation Y member, but I can barely bring myself to spend $10 on socks.

The most expensive concerts our tweeps have attended include Bruce Springsteen (@wins4me) and U2 (@MickiOToole), neither of which came anywhere close to Britney’s price tag. What gives? It makes about as much sense as Celine Dion in this video interview:

At any rate, we’ve got a #fabulous and exclusive RazorGator coupon for 10% off any ticket order to take a bite out of the price for you Britney fans. Every cent saved counts, after all.

I’m excited to see what the rest of the week brings, aren’t you? Only 975,138 more tweets to go! Until next time!

Day 40 of Fab’s Journey to 1 Million Tweets

[ 3 ] April 25, 2011

Hey Tweeps :)

Hope you’re having a #fabulous Monday! But, just in case you’re a victim of the Monday blues, we’ve got a little something that may pick up your day…

New iPad2 Contest

Announcing a new (and #fabulous, of course…) iPad2 contest!!! This one is for college and university students only. So, if you are a student, the parent of students or just know a student, let them know this is happening! It starts today (Monday, April 25) at 5pm. Check out this iPad2 contest post here for more details.

What better way to start off a summer vacation than by winning an iPad2?!?!?

Today on Twitter

Well, like I said, for many people today is the Monday after a long weekend. Some had the Monday blues, and others were struggling to get back into the swing of things.

The main topic of discussion was weekend events. And it seems as though home improvement season is in full swing, because quite a few of you are in mid home project.  @PudgyPonies is painting her home office, and @Doodle741 is building bunk beds!

To pep up the afternoon slump, Andrew asked “if you could throw one celebrity in jail, who would it be and why?”

According to @denimorse the Jersey Shore cast should be the first on the chopping block. And I can’t say I disagree!

What do you think? Who would be your first choice to throw in jail???

Thanks for hanging with us today! We leave you today with 24,725 and 975,275 to go…

See ya tomorrow! :)

Day 36 of Fab’s Journey to 1 Million Tweets

[ 2 ] April 21, 2011

It’s been a pretty crazy day here at the FabulousSavings office, and that’s being mild. Do we have any astrology buffs reading this? Me and my co-worker Lindy were discussing Mercury Retrograde, a strange time that occurs every few months where everything seems to go wonky and weird. It’s definitely gotten us in a bit of a tizzy.

But not to worry, we’re still as fabulous as ever. Speaking of which, what’s been going on in the land of twitter?

Winners, Parodies & Pranksters

We finally announced the lucky winner of our iPad 2 contest – @TheRedCloak! Consider this win an extension of her frankly amazing streak of luck, as she was recently offered her dream job AND accepted into a graduate program. One word: wow.

The best non-Tyra Banks related thing to happen to TV.

I managed to discuss the new Game of Thrones HBO show with @cheyanne2163, @Slappy2001, @wanderingmn (whose husband wasn’t impressed, it seems) and @DinaJ. It sets my nerd heart aflutter that the response appears to be mainly positive. And who doesn’t love Sean Bean?

Me and @pokemontez expressed deep disappointment over Lady Gaga’s disapproval of Weird Al’s “Born This Way” parody. Get it together, Stefani. Considering she once wore a lobster claw mask in public, you’d think she’d have a better sense of humor about herself? This video summarizes my feelings on the matter:

The dramatic music is my favorite part.

Anyway, Scream 4′s been a popular subject. Has anyone else seen it  yet? (This mega-Scream fan loved every second.) Someone pranked my friend by pretending to be Ghostface and cornering him in his building’s laundry room. @mfsabre and I both agreed that, barring any shock-related heart attacks, punching this trickster would be letting them off easy.

Here’s hoping next week brings just as much craziness and hysteria (in a positive, productive way, of course).

We’re at 24,467 tweets right now. Just 975,333 more tweets left! Until next time…

Fab’s Journey to 1 Million Tweets Day 35

[ 2 ] April 20, 2011

Hi there! :)

It’s Shannon again reporting on today’s Twitter events.

Today was a quiet, rainy day over at the FabulousSavings office. Andrew and I had a #fabulous day tweeting away with all of you. Today is the last day of our iPad2 contest, so we were able to send out our last good luck wishes before the winner is announced tomorrow.

And it wasn’t just a rainy day for us – @pizzalogger and @ginette4 shared their sympathetic weather woes as well. @lifeonprint even suggested I do a rain dance to make the sunshine come out! But, I thought it might look a little funny if I broke out in dance in the middle of the office. :)

Just when the day was at its gloomiest, Andrew shared with everyone the best website for a dreary day, Just one visit will add some pep to your bland Wednesday afternoon!

I mean, come on, just look at this picture:

How can that not make you smile? =)

I couldn’t figure out how to embed the video into this post, but just follow this link and watch the cutest little penguin you’ll ever see! Hehe! OK, now I think I have cuteness overload!

So, until next time…

We’re at 24,330 tweets, and Fab’s still got 975,670 to go!

Day 34 of Fab’s Journey to 1 Million Tweets

[ 1 ] April 19, 2011

Hi everyone!

It’s Shannon here to talk about today’s events in Twitterland. Thanks again to everyone who sent in their pictures for our #Fabulous Facebook Contest! The pictures are getting so many votes. We can’t wait ’til April 29th when the winners are announced. Keep those votes coming!!!

I also wanted to send a special shout-out to @hairgirl1966 because…today is her birthday!!! So…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to @hairgirl1966!!!!!!!!!!!

Isn’t her cat Simba the cutest!? Love the little wig. :)

We actually had a few in our office today as well. Seems like April is a popular month for birthdays! Everyone, wish Fiona and Jesse (our #fabulous team members) a happy birthday!

iPad2 Contest

Just a friendly reminder that our iPad2 contest is coming to an end. Our #fabulous winner will be announced Thursday, April 21st. The last day to enter is tomorrow (Wednesday, April 20th)!!! So get those final tweets in and those blog posts written.

Today on Twitter

Finally I just wanted to mention a tweet sent out by @Vergingon40

What a sweetie! Thanks so much for your kind words. We really do appreciate it! Remember we’re always here to help you find a deal. So ask us any time. We want to help you save!

Thanks, everyone! We’ll be back verrry soon. We’re at 24,185 tweets, and Fab’s still got 975,815 tweets to go!

Day 33 of Fab’s Journey to 1 Million Tweets – Voting Begins Now

[ 0 ] April 19, 2011

Hello! My name’s Fiona, filling in for Fab. Before you wonder, “Who the heck is Fiona?!” I usually work behind the scenes, so you may not recognize me. Makes me nervous introducing myself to all of Fab’s friends at once. Yikes.

Facebook Contest

Fab gave me the very important task of announcing the start of phase II of our Facebook contest. The Vote or Die stage. 1 like = 1 vote, so don’t be shy. Tell your fave #fabulous photo you like it. I promise you won’t be dragged into a commitment if you don’t want.

Check out this uber-creative entry (see page here for all photos):

The photo with the most likes wins our People’s Choice Award and a $250 gift card from a merchant of their choice. The staff at FabulousSavings will choose the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners for $500, $350 and $150 gift cards respectively.

You have until April 28th to vote. The winners will be announced on April 19th at 1:30pm EST. Voting begins NOW. Andddddddddddd…go.

Twitter Journey

I haven’t forgotten about Fab’s journey. He has 976,042 more tweets to go. Crazy, huh?

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