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TV shows on saleHow much TV do you watch? Be honest! I won’t judge because I watch a lot of it myself. Although my issue is: when a commercial comes on, I flip the channels… and then I forget to flip back. So I usually end up watching bits and pieces of multiple shows at a time.

If you experience a similar issue, then you’d be glad to know that DVDs with the latest season of your favorite shows are now on sale at Best Buy. All without commercials. Shop for recently released TV shows on sale with free shipping until March 9, 2013.

Our office is full of TV show watchers, and these are some of our favorites.

Walking Dead - The Complete Second SeasonWalking Dead – The Complete Second Season DVD

List price: $59.97
Current price: $34.99 with free shipping

What Jesse thinks: I hadn’t anticipated a second season of any show this hard since Lost. And just like Lost, The Walking Dead delivered. Crazy, fast-paced, lots of twists…I was surprised over and over again. Never bored. Is Rick the best character on TV.

What Dom thinks: Left me wanting more!!!

New Girl - The Complete First SeasonNew Girl – The Complete First Season

List price: $39.98
Current price: $24.99 with free shipping

Why Fiona thinks: Schmidt is the only reason you need to watch this show. All those traits that would normally be annoying if played by someone else or in another character just suddenly become so… loveable.

Sons of Anarchy - Season 4Sons of Anarchy – Season 4

List price: $59.98
Current price: $29.99 with free shipping

What Dom thinks: What can I say? SAMCRO has my undivided attention. Another brilliant series that I genuinely can’t wait for.

Modern Family - The Complete Third SeasonModern Family – The Complete Third Season

List price: $49.98
Current price: $29.99 with free shipping

What Dom thinks: Love it. Watch it religiously.

What Fiona thinks: I just started watching Modern Family this year, and I need to go back to the previous seasons. It’s the dynamics between all everyone that make this show work. But Phil is my favorite character. Or Claire. Or Phil with Claire.

How I Met Your Mother - Season 7How I Met Your Mother – Season 7

List price: $39.98
Current price: $24.99 with free shipping

What Dom thinks: I don’t watch it regularly, but syndication has forced the odd episode down my throat. Having said that, it’s actually pretty funny.

What Fiona thinks: They might as well call it the Neil Patrick Harris Show because he steals it every time he’s on the screen. What other characters?

Shop other recently released TV shows on sale from now until March 9, 2013. Best Buy has previous seasons available too for your collection.

What’s your favorite TV show? Do you prefer to catch your show weekly or wait until the DVD comes out?


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