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When it’s time to file your taxes, you want it to be easy and quick. Today, there are painless ways to file with step-by-step software. We’ve highlighted the best tax preparation software programs right here! All you have to do is choose one and start filing.

The Top Rated Income Tax Software Programs


Gone are the days of number crunching – TurboTax does it all for you. Check out some information and perks:

  • For simple returns, those with investments & rental properties, businesses & corporations
  • If you’re ever audited, the Audit Support Center helps you understand why & guides you through each step
  • Each software package comes with 5 or more returns
  • 100% Accuracy Guarantee

Prices: Free Edition (simple 1040 EZ returns); Deluxe (for home owners with donations & medical expenses), $29.95; Premier (if you own stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.), $49.95; Home & Business (for sole proprietors, contractors, consultants, etc.), $74.95; Business (for corporations or partnerships), $129.95.

ez Tax Return

With ez Tax Return you don’t need to know anything about taxes or even have math skills – it’s that easy to file with them:

  • Step-by-step guide in interview yes-or-no format
  • 100% Accuracy Guarantee
  • Error Checking & Audit Alert tools
  • Automatically checks for all deductions in case you forget some
  • Helps to see if you qualify for any credits

Prices: Free Federal Return (if you make under $58,000 & live in specified states); Federal & State Return, $19.95.

eSmart Tax

To make life easier, eSmart Tax will work with any 1040 form – they support them all. Check out what they offer:

  • Your calculations are guaranteed to be accurate
  • Choose software for basic taxes, investments or business
  • Guaranteed to get you the lowest liability or highest return

Prices: Basic (for simple 1040 returns), Free; Deluxe (for those with investments or retirement income), $19.95; Premium (for business owners, freelancers or contractors), $39.95.

Tax Slayer

The “slayer” in Tax Slayer stands for slaying the stress involved with filing taxes. This software makes it so easy to file:

  • Deduction Finder ensures you’re not forgetting anything that can increase your return
  • Premium software lets you easily compare to previous year’s taxes
  • Error Checker tool ensures all data is correct
  • Largest refund or lowest liability is guaranteed

Prices: Free Edition (for simple 1040 returns), Free; Classic Edition (for those with rental property, investments, etc.), $9.95; Premium Edition (for those with complex returns like businesses or partnerships), $19.95.

File your taxes with any of these best income tax software programs with complete confidence. They’re all approved by the IRS and up to date with tax laws.

Most of these tax software programs have a lot in common. But each one has something to set it apart from the rest: Audit Support for the business owner, Deduction Finder for students or new tax filers or step-by-step guides in interview format for those that find tax filing difficult.

Have you used any of these programs before? Which would you recommend?

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