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The new face of
NutriSystem – Janet Jackson!

It’s December 26th and the annual post-holiday battle of the bulge has begun for many of us.

This year, get started on your weight loss resolution early! Forget about those Christmas cookies and move on to a brand new year filled with health, happiness, exercise and good (non-fatty) foods!

The best way to do it? Sign up for the all new NutriSystem Success! Plus, get 20% off Nutrisystem Success plus get chef’s table entrees with our Nutrisystem coupon.

So, just what is NutriSystem Success anyway? And, how can it help you shed off those pounds (for good!)? Well, I’ve broken it down for you. Here are a few highlights of the program:


NutriSystem Success

“With Nutrisystem Success, you get a streamlined, powered up nutritional profile for ultimate satisfaction and hunger control.”

NutriSystem has created meal plans suited to your lifestyle and gender (Women’s, Men’s, Diabetic) full of healthy (and yummy!) meals, snacks and even desserts that are low-glycemic and protein rich.

These smart and powerful foods help burn calories more efficiently and help stabilize your blood pressure. NutriSystem uses what they call “SmartCarbs” to help you feel fuller longer and to deliver important nutrients. This is all based on 40 years of nutritional science, supported by the Scientific Advisory Board. So, you can feel assured knowing your meal-plan has been selected by people who know what they’re doing!

Exercise Plan

As amazing as it would be, you can’t lose weight without all little exercise. I know, I know…it’s a scary word. But, with the help of NutriSystem’s My Daily 3 fitness program, getting active will be more bearable. Here’s how:

When you join NutriSystem success you’ll get a personalized plan to fit your individual fitness level and preferences. So, if you’re not into yoga…that’s okay! NutriSystem will tailor your workout to your likes and needs.

The best part? NutriSystem has tailored its fitness program to work for even the laziest of dieters! They’ve created plans based on the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans to get fit by incorporating just 10 minutes of activity, 3 times a day! Now that’s a plan even I can stick to!


Overall Health and Maintenance 

It’s one thing to lose weight; it’s another to keep it off. Nutrisystem Success includes an At Home Tool Kit to help you keep portion control and smart eating your first priority (pictured to the right).

The hardest part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is keeping up the motivation. How many New Year’s resolutions have you made to lose those last 10 pounds? I’ve heard so many success stories of weight loss in groups. Seems like the more we support each other, the easier it is to stay on track!

NutriSystem has made it easy to stick together, even if you don’t have anyone to lose weight with. When you become a member, you’ll have access to unlimited support from counselors, registered dietitians and dieters just like yourself!

So, there you have it. A basic run-down of the pro’s to joining NutriSystem Success. Visit to learn more!

What’s your weight loss resolution for the New Year? Do it yourself, or are you planning to join a weight loss program?


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