An Interview with Erin and Jen from FitBottomedGirls

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All January we’ve been focusing on resolutions and weight loss. So we we’re super excited when Jen and Erin from FitBottomedGirls agreed to answer some of our questions.

We took the opportunity to ask them about their own weight loss stories, and if they had any advice for those who have decided to finally get serious about weight loss in 2011.

January is our Resolutions month and one of the most popular is diet. What are your feelings on weight loss as a Resolution?

Jen - I think losing weight can be a great New Year’s resolution if it’s really coming from a place inside you that is truly ready to change. However, the need to “lose weight,” isn’t always as motivating as other resolutions such as “I want to have the energy to play with my kids” or “I want to lower my cholesterol so that I don’t have to go on medication.” Tapping into something more meaningful than just weight, can help focus on what really matters and therefore motivate more.

Erin - Weight-loss is a valid goal and the New Year can be a perfect time to wipe the slate clean and get going. I think the key to resolution success is to not do too much too fast. It can be tough going from the indulgent holidays to working out every day and eating salads. Ease into it!

One of the things we loved about your site is your FitStars Interview. Who has been your favourite interviewee?

Jen - Hands down, Bob Harper. We have a smidge of a crush on him. Okay, a HUGE crush on him. :)

Erin - I won’t pick favorites, but will say that we love any opportunity to put Bob’s pretty face on our site!

With that said, what is your number one fitness or weight loss advice for someone trying to lose weight?

Jen- Have a plan and be nice to yourself. Don’t expect perfection and don’t expect to change overnight. Make one very small change each week instead of drastically changing everything on January 1. Small changes made over time that stick can lead to huge results!

Erin - Don’t adopt extreme tactics. Make healthy changes you can live with. And don’t beat yourself up if you miss a workout or indulge in a treat. Just get back on the wagon!

What are some of your New Year’s Resolutions for 2011?

Jen - Although I’ve been eating intuitively and according to my hunger for years now, every year I recommit to that practice — especially after the holidays when I probably had a few too many cookies or glasses of wine. This year I’m also vowing to make meditation a more regular practice (right now I probably do it two to three times a week), and I’m going to try vegetarianism for a month to see how it effects my body.

Erin – One of mine is to cut down on my sweet treats. I’m the type that needs something sweet after dinner, but lately one cookie has turned into several. I’m going to try to enjoy my splurges, but not let them turn into diet disasters! I’d also like to lose the remaining 8 or so pounds of pregnancy weight, but I’m in no big hurry on that!

And we have to ask. Jenn, what’s the MarioKart score?

Ha! Well, I normally play on a team with my husband, and although he’s better than me, I almost always place in the top three — and Yoshi is always my dude. He’s such a cutie, but totally kicks MarioKart butt!

Thanks Erin and Jen for answering our questions! Good luck with your weight loss journeys!

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