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Movember (the month formerly known as November) has officially come to an end. The mo’s have been grown and the funds to support prostate cancer, and other men’s cancers, have been raised…

What does this mean? It’s time for those ‘staches to come off! Men across the US and the world are shaving their ‘mo’s’ and dealing with the skin that lies beneath.

Since I’m no men’s skin care expert, I went ahead and asked a couple of our Movember-participating fs staffers, Jesse and Dom, a few questions about the month of awareness, post-Movember skin care and their mustache idols!

Our ‘mo’ sporting staffers:

Why did you participate in Movember this year?

Jesse: I’m facially hirsute 12 months of the year, but this Movember I decided that I would showcase the upper lip in  solidarity with those gentlemen trying it out for charity.

Dom: A fraternity brother of mine asked a group of us to participate with him.  We obliged seeing as it was for a great cause.

In your opinion, who has (or had) the ultimate mustache?
Jesse: The ultimate moustache was worn by one Thomas Sullivan Magnum.  I can’t say Tom Selleck, because I’ve seen him without one…but Magnum always rocked the ‘stache. Second place goes to my dad (see pic below).


Dom: Tom Selleck hands down.  The man is a legend.  Period.

What are your top post-mo shaving tips and/or skin care products

Jesse: You might think that I, as a bearded man, may have no need of skin care, but you’d be wrong.  Unless one wants to be referred to as a ‘neckbeard’ one must maintain boundaries! My wife bought me the Power Shave Set from The Art of Shaving (saving tip: get free shipping on your first purchase of $50+ or more!). 

I use that daily to keep things in order. There’s something about a genuine badger brush that makes a man feel like a man…

But another tip I’d offer is to take the time to carefully wash your face with a warm cloth.  It’s like a mini-bath and helps to refresh and invigorate the skin (and spirit!).

Dom: Well, this amount of facial hair won’t go easy.  I need to take it down with my trusty Wahl industrial strength shaver first.  No blade goes near my face until that happens.  I’m certainly no glutton for punishment.

Upon reducing the bush to mere stubble I then proceed to break out my Long Handle Safety Razor from The Art of Shaving (saving tip: get free shipping on your first purchase of $50+ or more!) and my Ultimate Brushless Shaving Cream from Kiehl’s (savings tip: $20 off $65 order!).  These two make sweet music together.  While others may resort to using a brush to apply the lather I’m all about the hand.  It’s simple, cheap and easily accessible.

After the deed’s done it’s time for some soothing relief.  That’s where my bottle of Ultimate Mens After Shave from Kiehl’s comes out to play.  There’s nothing like it on earth.  I could dip my face in lava, slap this on and walk away without so much as a blemish.  It’s the real deal.

Will you grow another mo next year?
Jesse: I like to say that a moustache isn’t just for a month; it’s for life. But yes, I plan on once again showcasing it for the cause.
Dom: Absolutely!  I thoroughly enjoyed growing it.  Having said that, I’m looking forward to kissing my wife again.

Did you, or someone you know, participate in Movember this year? Share your story with us in a comment below! 

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