9 Black Friday Survival Tips

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So, you’re thinking about becoming one of those crazy Black Friday shoppers, are you?

It boggles my mind how many people line up outside stores at ungodly hours just to get a few bucks off their electronics. Okay, maybe more like 50% off. Not the point.

The point is, crowds get extremely rowdy during this wait, and when store employees finally open the store doors, these crowds turn into mobs.

So, we’ve put together 9 Black Friday survival tips – that is, if you can’t just wait until Cyber Monday like the rest of us. ;)

1. Do your research: Check the ads

With limited products and a short shopping period, you can’t waste time browsing on Black Friday. You’ve got to know what you’re buying and where you’re buying it from – and have a list of backup stores in case your Number 1 sells out. Tons of sites online have Black Friday ads, so check out who’s got the best deals, and get your butt in line.

2. Do your research: Compare prices

A deal might seem great, but there might be an even better offer at a competitor’s store. You’re going to wait in line, anyway. You might as well spend another 20 minutes confirming that you’ll be standing in line at the best store.

3. Inquire about price-matching policies

Many stores offer price matching year-round – except on Black Friday. Never assume that your usual store will price match. Confirm their policies a good week before Black Friday.

4. Bring ads with you

It’s lame, but some stores will only honor deals if you bring in the actual ad. Play it safe, and bring the ads for all the stores you’re hitting.

5. Fuel yourself

Some people line up for deals on Thanksgiving Day. Bring some water and food, like protein bars, with you to help keep your energy high. You’re going to need it to out-run – er, out-walk in an orderly fashion – the dude behind you.

6. Play nice

Remember when that Wal-Mart employee was killed by a Black Friday stampede? I’m not kidding when I say things get crazy. Make friends with those in line to help tone down the competition, and avoid pushing and shoving as best you can. Animosity can escalate quickly, so let’s play nice and keep everyone safe.

7. Shop online instead

Ding ding ding! We have a winner. Why doesn’t everyone shop online? Most stores offer the same discounts online as offline, and some even offer special online deals as early as Thanksgiving Eve. You may have to be online at 12am, but you’ll be able to sleep in, knowing your purchases were secured, while all the crazies are freezing their butts off in line at 5am. We’ve got a growing list of online Black Friday coupons that you can check out.

8. Find deals on Twitter

Follow coupon sites (like ours), Black Friday sites and stores you love throughout the day on Black Friday. The deals should be streaming in, so you won’t miss out.

9. Wait until Cyber Monday

While plenty of stores will offer online Black Friday deals, the real online shopping specials come in on the Monday after Thanksgiving, known as Cyber Monday. We’ve got a Cyber Monday coupons page you can bookmark and check throughout the day.

Lastly, here’s an awesome post on 28 Bad Things That Will Happen on Black Friday (that doesn’t sound pessimistic at all). Read it; you will giggle.

So, are you going to brave Black Friday? Have you done it before? Have any extra tips? Leave a comment and let us know. Tell us why it is or isn’t crazy!

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  1. Cristina says:

    Fuel Yourself and Play Nice go hand in hand for me. I’m not myself when I’m hungry. Ask my husband. When we’re about to head out for a Saturday of shopping, he asks me “have you had a snack?” before we leave the house haha!

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