7 treatments to get your body winter ready

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When it comes to my skin, winter is the devil.

The rest of the year I revel in the joy of combination skin – a mixture that brings me about one pimple over those 8 months and requires very little moisturizer to feel great. I’m not going to lie – it’s awesome. But when the leaves start to change color and Mother Nature’s icy claw of dryness known as winter starts to wrap its fingers around me, I’m done for. Goodbye well-behaved softness; hello scratchiness, breakouts and dry winter skin. Winter? My skin hates you.

So like any woman craving rejuvenation and anything that will cure a little SADD, I’ve learned of a few winter health tips that make the winter months a little more bearable. Here are a few of my favorite ideas:

  1. start from the inside. The winter blahs are real and don’t let anyone tell you different. To lift your spirits take a yoga class or two, drink lots of decaf tea and give yourself more time to relax and center yourself. Stress and emotional factors do have an effect on your skin, so slow down and take it easy.
  2. drink plenty of water. This one isn’t necessary a spa treatment – it’s not at all – but, it’s essential to feeling your best and having great-looking skin. In winter, hydration is the key.
  3. moisturize. Like nobody’s business. Dry winter skin not only looks dull, it also hurts. Don’t be afraid to go crazy with the moisturizer once winter comes. Look for one with an oil base rather than water. It leaves a protective barrier over your skin. Shea butter is pretty fantastic.
  4. Don’t forget the sun, son. Just because it’s not 30 in the shade doesn’t mean you’re immune to skin diseases. Always use SPF. It helps to find a moisturizer with an SPF included – two birds one stone.
  5. get clarity on mud wraps. Mud or seaweed wraps are popular during the winter for a number of reasons. First, they help with blood circulation, a big problem when the body temperature drops. Not only that, but they’re said to literally take inches off your body. Not for the long term, but a quick fix to look hot for those holiday parties.
  6. thermal masks. You can get this done at a spa, or even try it yourself at home. It actually heats up for a relaxing experience. And because it’s heated, it’s easier for the nutrients to get into the skin and increase circulation. Vitamin C facials may also give your spirits and your skin a boost.
  7. head to the tropics. If you can get away – do it. Your skin will love the treat of more humid temps and that sun beating down is an instant mood booster. The pina coladas don’t hurt either.

Need to find a spa asap? SpaFinder is a great site that will point you in the direction of the closest spa to your location, and what kinds of treatments are available there. You can even book your appointment right there. Need a deal? No probs. We have a SpaFinder coupon for 10% off $100+. Take that, winter.

How do you keep you skin soft and your sanity saved when winter gusts in?


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