5 things worth splurging on

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It’s there, in the back of your mind, every time you see that extravagant new TV, camera, designer purse or expensive jacket in a store display window. You just want to splurge! That’s totally normal, but not all of us are running on movie star salaries.

There are a few essential items, however, that any modern man and woman should spend a little more extra dough on. Splurging on the things you truly need to maintain your quality of life saves money (not to mention sanity) in the long run.

1. Your Bed

You spend approximately 1/3 of your life sleeping, so why not make that 1/3 as positively comfy as possible? A high quality mattress means a better night’s sleep, which will greatly improve your health overall. Remember, high thread count sheets make for a more relaxing sleep, too.

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2. An Air Conditioner

You probably aren't going to need one this big, but hey, shoot for the moon!

If your home or apartment isn’t blessed with central air, a decent portable AC unit is a must. Fans and dark curtains can only do so much to curb the heat. Cheaper air conditioners tend to break down when you need them most (like, say, the middle of a scorching heat wave) so be sure to invest in a sturdy one.

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3. A Good Suit

Both men and women need at least one well-fitted suit they can wear to a variety of occasions. If you can find a suit that’ll make you look spiffy at a job interview, formal event, church service and wedding, then grab it. And get it tailored!

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4. Cookware

The cheap set we all buy at Ikea or the dollar store just won’t cut it, pun intended. Even if you’re not much of a cook, quality pots and pans will make a world of difference. Consider non-stick cookware like T-Fal, Circulon or All-Clad for simple but durable additions to your kitchen arsenal. And hey, newer and better cookware might even inspire you to become a better chef.

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5. Skincare

Your face is your fortune, so it’s really important to look after your skin. You should have at least one splurge-y skincare item in your medicine cabinet. Everyone has unique needs for their face, so tailor that expensive cream or gel to what you’d like to improve. Those with dry skin should spend their bucks on a good moisturizer (like the Kinerase Ultimate Night Moisturizer) and anyone looking for a spa-like exfoliating experience should try the Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System.

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Which essentials do you think are worth the splurge? Leave us a comment!

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