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Stella McCartney Olympic Uniforms Revealed: Yay or Nay?

[ 0 ] March 29, 2012

This month, Stella McCartney and Adidas revealed the much-anticipated uniform designs to be worn by athletes in the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The sleek, blue and white uniforms sporting the Union Jack with small punches of red have been met with both praise and criticism. Sports psychologists have claimed that there isn’t enough red, a color that apparently increases the likelihood of a win. While others have blasted the designs for making the Union Jack unrecognizable.

What do you think of the Stella McCartney uniforms? Stylish and athletic or not your taste? Would you like to see this kind of uniform style on U.S. athletes?

Plus, if you’re looking for Stella McCartney designs and products to call your own, check out our Stella McCartney coupons Grab a little piece of the  excitement for yourself today!





how to have frugal fun this spring & summer

[ 0 ] March 28, 2012

Spring’s a great time to get outdoors and start mobilizing your social life, but not all of us, unfortunately, can lead by our wallets. If Spring Break has tapped your funds dry or you just want a frugal change of pace for the new season, check out our ideas on how to have fun on a budget!


It’s common knowledge that January/February is the studio dumping ground for less-than-stellar movies. The true blockbusters aren’t released until spring anyway, but is the weekly movie theater trip too much on your wallet? Consider…

  • Netflix Instant. Their streaming service is still a total bargain & the selection just keeps improving
  • Bargain DVD bins at thrift stores & garage sales are great sources for indie movies & forgotten favorites
  • Can’t resist the local megaplex? Eat at home first to avoid the overpriced concession stand food

Budget for the Unexpected

It’s time you created your very own Fun Jar. Take a few dollars from every paycheck and put them aside for something unexpected this spring or summer. Last minute road trip? Yes please!

Take Advantage of Coupon Books

Entertainment Book has specialized vouchers for most major cities, with deals offered for attractions, movie tickets and even dry cleaning services. Now that it’s warmer outside, you really don’t have an excuse to stay in! Just be sure to save on your own Entertainment Book with one of our free coupons.

For Families

If you’ve got kids to entertain, worry not. Inspiring them to have fun for nearly nothing is a breeze. Organize theme days for everyone to enjoy like Beach Day, Library Day, Barbeque Day, Hike Day, etc. There’s no better time to enjoy nature with your family. And be sure to schedule some time off for yourself too – Spa Day, anyone?

Keeping Cool

Spring weather can be a little unpredictable. Rainy one day, cool the next, then blisteringly hot the day after. If you have an air conditioner, be sure to shade your unit with plants or shrubs. It’ll use less electricity if it’s kept cool. Remember to keep the vents free of obstructions!

What are some of your favorite frugal things to do when the weather gets warmer?

the best (and cheapest) iPad alternatives

[ 0 ] March 20, 2012

It’s no secret that the tablet market is owned – no, ruled – by Apple. And with the giant company’s newest iPad 3, lots of tech gurus-in-waiting have started looking around for a suitable iPad alternative. But in a market inundated with competing PC tablets, how is one supposed to know which is worth their money?

Not all iPad rivals are made the same. While you may see a tablet under the $500 mark and start crying with joy, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll be getting a great product. Thankfully, we’ve sussed out the best cheap iPad alternatives for those seeking a decent tablet that won’t do major damage on your pocketbook.

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime, $399

The aggressively priced (and strangely named) Transformer has certainly had the online tech community buzzing with its versatility, lightning-fast processor and optional keyboard dock.With its nearly paper-thin measurements and impressive specs, it’s easy to see why many have called the Transformer Prime one of the top Android tablets to rival the iPad.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, $349

The Galaxy Tab has appealingly robust specs and quite a roomy display. It’s no wonder that it’s considered by many tech bloggers to be the iPad’s strongest competition. Engadget even considered the Galaxy Tab to be superior to the iPad 2 in terms of display resolution and handling – no small feat, to be sure.

Amazon Kindle Fire, $199

Scoff all you want at a tablet that traces its lineage to being a mere eBook reader, but the Kindle Fire actually has a firm second place hold on the tablet market. And with its user-friendly interface, powerful web browser and vibrant 7-inch screen, it’s not terribly hard to see why. For $200, you’re certainly getting your money’s worth.

Nook Tablet, $249

When it comes to low-cost media-focused Android tablets, the Nook Tablet is frequently cited as one of the best for eBook and magazine readers. It’s no slouch in the memory expansion department either, with its 16 GB starter going for $249. To the delight of many developers, it also supports Flash content, which the iPad has fallen short on.

Have you been looking for a less expensive iPad tablet alternative? Which are your top contenders?

aspirational brands: where to buy GUCCI online for less

[ 1 ] March 16, 2012

We promised to share our tips on how to own authentic products from iconic fashion brands – without taking a second mortgage. Today we’re delivering fabulous savings on: GUCCI.

In 1921, Gucci opened an artisanal leather goods shop in Florence, the home of handcraftsmanship. Using high-end design and materials, the company – and the GG logo – quickly became a symbol of quality.

Today, Gucci is mostly associated with Hollywood jet-setters, so the question is how to break off a little piece without breaking the bank. Knowing where to look is half the battle – using our Gucci coupons turns the dream into reality.  


Smell is the most powerful of the senses, so wearing Gucci Flora is a great way to feel pampered and sophisticated.

Retail Price: $100 (Sephora) | Fabulous Price:  $66.46.

Available at FragranceNet for $78.19, our exclusive 15% coupon (code: FABU15) makes the price drop to $66.46 – that’s 34% less than retail.


Perfect for shielding the glare of paparazzi flashbulbs, the Gucci Rimless Shield with Chain Link sunglasses absolutely scream fabulous!

Retail Price: $330 (Bloomingdales) | Fabulous Price: $252

Available at FramesDirect for $297, our 15% off coupon (code: SAVE15) saves a total of $77.55 on the retail price.


Fragrances and accessories are great, but for really big deals, add big-ticket pieces like these Gucci Ankle-length pants to your wardrobe.

Retail price: $895 (Neiman Marcus) | Fabulous price:  $226

Bluefly stocks similar Gucci pants for $246. Our Bluefly coupon (code: TWENTY12) saves $20 on orders over $100, which makes for a whopping 75% discount.


When you think ‘Gucci’, you think ‘handbag’. But wait! That gorgeous Soho Leather Hobo costs $1750 at Neiman Marcus!  Too expensive! Well, what if you could rent one?  Bag Borrow or Steal offers the unique opportunity to carry authentic Gucci for a fraction of the cost.

The identical bag can be yours for just $77 a week. You’d spend more on your hair for a big occasion; it’s certainly worth it for the perfect purse! Renting premium accessories is a fantastic way to add panache to your presentation.

So if you’re in love with Gucci, but figured it was out of reach, think again. These are definitely premium products, but with our coupons and tips there’s simply no need to pay the premium retail price.

Stay tuned for more discounts on the aspirational brands that make us go all weak at the knees. Next up:  PRADA .

how would The Hunger Games characters use coupons?

[ 0 ] March 15, 2012

If your finger has been even a tiny bit near the pulse of pop culture, you probably know all about The Hunger Games by now. Between the mega-selling books and the upcoming blockbuster movie, it’s been hard to ignore. But what we really want to know, naturally, is how frugal Katniss and friends would actually be if they were able to use coupons.


The Hunger Games‘ premiere heroine comes from humble means. She’s more resourceful than the average citizen of District 12. After all, her father did once tell her, “As long as you can find yourself, you’ll never starve.” Considering her survival and hunting capabilities, what would Katniss need coupons for?

We think Katniss would go crazy for grocery coupons. Even if she and her family had access to a modern grocery store, it’s hard to imagine her being a spendthrift shopper. If anything, she’d want to guarantee her little sister Primrose had food on her plate every day. Plus, her insanely precise bow and arrow skills would guarantee her that last box of Captain Crunch.


While Peeta is relatively wealthy and has a better upbringing than Katniss, he’s a romantic at heart, and surprisingly artistic. His creative abilities would make him well suited to use coupons for paint and art supplies. In fact, he’d probably even enter his own designs to Threadless if he didn’t have to, you know, worry about being submitted into a tournament where children are forced to fight to their deaths.


Gale’s a couple years older than Katniss and Peeta and his priorities are a little different. While he’s skilled at hunting and good with his hands, he’s a great deal more rebellious. Gale is really just a gadget geek stuck in a technologically-backward society, so he’d take great flourish in using coupons for tech goodies like the latest computer hardware.


District 12′s garishly dressed chaperone is as over-the-top and fashionable as a Panem version of Lady Gaga. If she comes off as snobby, that’s her fault. Effie wouldn’t exactly duck into her local Ralph’s with a 2-for-1 voucher on boxed wine. But we think that – as long as nobody else knew – she would be an online coupon aficionado.

Her interest in clothes would make her a repeat user of fashion coupons, while travel coupons would suit her career as chaperone as well as her desire to work in better environments. Can’t you just see her ringing up Viator to ask if they offer tours in any of the nicer districts?

Are you looking forward to The Hunger Games movie? How do you think it’ll compare to the book?

fashion star: how to get the winning designer looks

[ 2 ] March 14, 2012

Did you watch NBC’s latest fashion competition “reality show” Fashion Star last night?

The show was a star-studded consumer-culture television event. Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and Elle Macpherson offered their commercial appeal and fashion “expertise” to host and judge the designs of contestants, all looking to sell their three-piece collections to retail fashion buyers.

By the end of the show, six contestants received offers from the stores featured on the program. You can now find their looks at H&MSaks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s.

Check out a few of the top looks of the night and how you can get your hands on them below:


I actually fell in love with the shift dress designed by Sarah Parrott now selling on the H&M site for $19.95. It’s a perfect day to night LBD also available in a vibrant blue hue. I’m almost tempted to get my own hands on the black version of the cute little shift dress.

Saks Fifth Avenue

This super cute and practical little skirt is another hot item from last night that will take women from the office to cocktail hour. The design has a clever zipper feature that allows wearers the option to remove a flirty shimmery overlay to reveal a structured pencil shaped skirt. Unfortunately, quantities are currently sold out. Check back for more and don’t forget to take advantage of our free standard/ground shipping on $150+ order Saks Fifth Avenue coupon.


Macy’s buyer went straight for summer essentials with this look from designer Nikki Poulos. The dress comes in white and geo print. Get your hands on this bohemian chic looks and save with this Macy’s coupon for free shipping on $99+ purchases.

What was your favorite moment from the show last night? Did you purchase any of the winning looks?

four frugal St. Patty’s Day party tips

[ 0 ] March 13, 2012

If you’re starting to make plans for the annual day of debauchery that is St. Patrick’s Day, you may want to think about ways to avoid unnecessary spending. Cabs, food, drinks, plus those extra rounds of shots, are all expenses bound to creep up during the course of the night.

This year, be kind to your wallet and still have a fabulous time. Below are four frugal ways to party on a budget this March 17th.  

1. Make your own holiday party-wear – It’s essential for a good St. Patty’s party to dress in theme. The theme being: green! Don’t own anything green? That’s alright. Pick out a cheap green or white tee (now only $6 at Old Navy!). Decorate with marker, glue and sparkle paint. The more ridiculous looking the better. Accessorize with all the green garb you can find.

2. Keep cards at home – If you’re planning on bar hopping this holiday, a great frugal trick is to only bring a set dollar amount (decided upon before that first green beer). Keep the debit and credit cards at home. This way, you’ll avoid spending extra cash when you start to feel the ‘luck of the Irish’ take over.

3. Avoid cab costs – If possible, choose bars, pubs and clubs that are in walking distance or have easy access to public transportation. Assigning a designated driver for the night is a good option as well. Or, host your own potluck-type party where everyone brings drinks and food to share. A great cheap and easy drink to serve at parties? Green Jell-O shots.

4. Look for free events – Search your local newspaper or look online for St. Patrick’s Day events in your area. Often, you’ll find parades, fun runs and even outdoor music fests that won’t cost you a dime.  

How are you planning on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this year? Do you have any holiday money saving tips?


top 8 most ridiculous items from ThisIsWhyImBroke

[ 3 ] March 1, 2012

In an economic climate that forces so many of us to restrict our spending, there are still a few reminders of the reckless ways we used to waste money. And by “we”, I mean “psychopaths”. Because those are the kinds of people who would spend their cash on the ridiculously over-the-top consumer products amassed by ThisIsWhyImBroke.

These “gift ideas” (as TIWIB calls them) are not necessarily the most expensive items, but they are, quite frankly, the least practical and most insane:

1. Air Swimmer Remote Control Inflatable Shark

If you like giving people heart attacks or stress-induced comas, there’s really no better use of your money. Since this adorably terrifying aquatic fiend is available on Amazon, be sure to use our free Amazon coupons to save on your order.

2. Pac Man Ukulele

This is for the special kind of hipster, the sort of twee fellow (or gal) who loves the ukulele and wants to let everyone know how much of a nerd he is while he plays every song from the Juno soundtrack. From start to finish.

3. Dollar Stacks Wallet

“You know what I need? A way to make my wallet more susceptible to theft!” – Nobody.

4. Meme Masks

Between “me gusta”, “forever alone” and “trollface”, everyone has a favorite emotion-based meme. So why not recreate your fave with an incredibly creepy latex mask?

5. Inflatable Walk On Water Ball

I had no ideas these actually existed for personal use, I thought they were the invention of reality TV producers for the sole purpose of humiliating their contestants (e.g., America’s Next Top Model).

6. Medieval Hand Blades

Let’s put it this way, nobody will ever again dare to bud in front of you when you’re in line at the grocery store.

7. Batman Snuggie Blanket

"Alfred, no more calls from Commissioner Gordon. Cougar Town is on."

I – you know what, this barely qualifies for “most ridiculous”. It’s really the most awesome. Why can’t Christian Bale fight crime in something as elegant as this?

8. The Water Jet Pack

Yes, the best was saved for last. And at $130,000, definitely the most expensive. Really, who needs a simple towel, beach ball and a good book when you can fly around like an unstable maniac? I don’t know about you, but ever since this video went viral, it’s a little difficult to take water jet packs seriously:

What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever spent money on? Leave us a comment!