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Garrett Popcorn Shops – WARNING: This Stuff’s Addictive!

[ 0 ] December 24, 2010

The FabulousSavings office received a little treat today! A tin of delicious Chicago Mix Garrett Popcorn – oh yeah!

If you’ve ever been to Chicago, you know that people line up around the block for this stuff. But you don’t have to travel all the way to Chicago to grab a handful of this delicious popcorn. Garrett’s Popcorn Shops now sells its famous snack food online! Order a tin and have it sent directly to wherever you are. How great is that?! Plus, use our Garrett Popcorn Shops coupons to save!

Mmm…just look at that cheesy, caramel-y, ready-to-stain-your-hands-y goodness.

As you can see, we couldn’t resist diving in before the pictures were taken…but could you?!

The tins are perfect for office parties or family get-togethers. Bring a tin of this stuff to a potluck, and you’ll be the hit of the party!


Have you tried Garrett popcorn? What did you think? Did you like as much as we do?

Fabulous Links: Week of 12/24/2010

[ 0 ] December 24, 2010
This Mui Mui Dress was the
cover star of 2011. Image and

Here are this week’s top posts! Merry Christmas!!

The Fashion Bomb – Learn how to look great and impress his fam after reading – Holiday 2010 Style Inspiration: What to Wear to Christmas Dinner with your Boyfriend’s Family.

Red Carpet Fashion Awards - One dress, 12 covers - Cover Star Of 2010 – Miu Miu Appliqué Dresses.

The Look 4 Less – For some very strange reason I actually like this. Am I crazy??? - Kate Spade Swan Lake Scottie Cross Body Bag. What do you think?

College Candy – A hilarious New Year’s post – Resolutions for the Annoying people in Your Life.

Fit Bottomed Babies – Get started on your weight loss resolution early. Drink Smart to Cut Those Holiday Calories!

Make Your Own Cool Gift Baskets

[ 2 ] December 21, 2010

You may have left gift shopping to the last minute, but you don’t have to resort to an impersonal gift to meet your deadline. Making your own cool gift baskets is easier than you’d think, and they can be customized for each recipient.

You’ll have to purchase a few empty baskets, shredded paper (or shred your own), cellophane and ribbon, but the real fun comes in buying the gift basket contents.

Cost Plus has a ton of great gourmet coffees, chocolates, spreads, etc. that make really good gift basket filling, but you can also tune your DIY basket to more specific interests.

Here are a few ideas for cool (sometimes custom) gift baskets:

For Movie Lovers

  • A couple of new releases (with a gift receipt), movie rental cards and/or movie passes
  • Traditional and fancy-flavored popcorn packets
  • Classic theater candy
  • Beverages if desired

For Coffee/Tea Lovers

  • A cute mug (and/or teapot for tea lovers)
  • An assortment of gourmet coffees/teas
  • Biscotti or other treats, like scone mix

Stress Relief Basket

  • Small cozy towel
  • Candles in relaxing scents, like lavender & bergamot
  • Eye mask
  • Relaxation CD
  • Bubble bath or bath bombs
  • Scented lotions

Mani/Pedi Lovers

  • Spa gift certificate
  • Quality nail file
  • Buffer or exfoliant
  • Scented hand lotion & peppermint foot lotion
  • A couple of cute nail polishes

For Book Lovers

  • A couple of recent best sellers (with a gift receipt) or books you love & recommend
  • Bookstore membership card or bookstore gift card
  • A nice bookmark
  • A yummy snack, like cookies

The list really does go on. You can make gift baskets for dog lovers, beer lovers, car lovers, sports fans, cheese lovers, etc. All they take is a little imagination!

Can you think of another gift basket idea? Let us know what you’d include.

Saving Tips! …Saving Your Relationship, That Is

[ 1 ] December 20, 2010

Um, so what’s up with all the celeb breakups recently? Every day, it feels like someone around the office shouts, “No! What’s-His-Face and So-And-So are getting a divorce!”

I’m talking to you, Scarjo and Ryan Reynolds, Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron, Elizabeth Hurley and Husband, Dexter and His Sister.

So, since we at FS love writing about spending and saving, and we’re all clearly far too invested in celebrity relationships, we wanted to give you lovely people tips on saving…saving your relationship, that is.

Practical Relationship Advice:

  • Make time to go on dates that are fun for both of you (especially important if you have kids)
  • Take an interest in each other’s hobbies
  • Try something new together; if you both love cooking, take a cooking class, or try making a new recipe together
  • Have a joint account for household bills, but keep some money for  yourself & enjoy some financial freedom
  • Couples therapy!
  • When they do something nice, even small things, say “thank you” and mean it
  • Give each other at least 10 minutes to unwind when getting home from work
  • Never EVER continue a discussion in which you’re disagreeing when you’re hungry
  • Remember they don’t always think like you; there are dozens of perspectives & yours isn’t always the right one
  • If you think they look good, tell them
  • If you’re thinking about them during the day, send them a quick e-mail to tell them that

Now onto my personal favs:

  • Don’t be a gorgeous, successful, talented couple; that path only leads to ruin
  • Don’t get married when you’re still in the honeymoon stage of your relationship (Ryan and Scarjo’s courtship seemed to last about an hour before they tied the knot)
  • Don’t marry a celebrity…duh

Thanks to Shannon, Cristina, Lindy, Reizel, Pamela and Andrew for this sage advice.

What’s your best practical or sarcastic relationship survival tip?

Fabulous Links: Week of 17/12/2010

[ 1 ] December 17, 2010
Jwoww showing off
her softer side. Image and
article via StyleList.

Here are our picks for the top posts of the week!

The Look for Less - There are some amazing finds in this post: J’s Frugal Finds.

SheFinds - The perfect gifts for your fashionable techie friends. Being A Geek Is So Hot Right Now; Top 5 Tech Gifts For The Cool Kids.

StyleListJessica Alba Reveals New Bob Haircut. Are you loving it?

StyleList (again) – Look of the Day – Jenni ‘Jwoww’ Farley. Can you believe how good she looks here? I can’t wait for next season!

The Fashion Bomb – Tips and tricks on How to Fake Flawless Skin.

CollegeFashionThe Six Items or Less Challenge: My Experience. Do you think you could pull off such a difficult challenge?

CollegeCandy – Who knows what they’ll think of in 2011! Technically, 2010: A Look Back at All The New Toys This Year Brought Us.

Our Fav New Year’s Eve Party Dresses at Every Price

[ 16 ] December 16, 2010

Seldom can you glam it up as on New Year’s Eve – a night when you’re expected to live in the moment. That means embrace your favorite trend, girls! Play with exaggerated shoulders, rock some lace or sheer and shine with sequins. Don’t forget to throw on one hell of a pair of heels!

Start 2011 in style without breaking the budget. We’ve picked our fav New Year’s Eve party dresses under $400 and beyond.

Best Under $50

Strappy Back Bandage Dress, $24.80; Forever 21; Veil of Midnight Dress, $47.99, ModCloth; BGBGeneration Strapless Printed Dress, $44.99, Macy’s. See our Macy’s coupons.

Best Under $100

MINKPINK Professional Widow Off Shoulder Dress, $84, Shopbop; Riesling Dress, $64.99, ModCloth; Forest Coral Dress, $74.99, ModCloth. See our Shopbop coupons.

Best Under $200

JB by Julie Brown Navy One Shouldered Dress, $159, Bluefly; Cinema Foyer Dress, $139.99, Modcloth; BCBGMAXAZRIA Red Satin Strapless Dress, $187, Bluefly. See our Bluefly coupons.

Best Under $300

Alice & Olivia Kendra, $261; Alice & Olivia Marina Dress, $261; A.B.S. by Allen Schwartz Amethyst Sequin Mini Dress, $239; Nicole Miller Purple Speckled Foil Dress, $231 – all from Bluefly. See our Bluefly coupons.

Best Under $400

Alice & Olivia Hollis Dress, $327, Bluefly; BCBGMAXAZRIA Strapless Pleated Petal Skirt Dress, $348, Shopbop; Amoureux Dress, $350, J.Crew; ABS Bow Front Sequined Dress, $340, Saks Fifth Avenue. See our coupons for Bluefly, Shopbop and Saks Fifth Avenue.

If Price Ain’t A Problem

Alice & Olivia Stacey Poof Dress, $550; Porter Grey Sequin Dress, $775; Elie Tahari Keaton Dress, $598. – all from Shopbop. See our Shopbop coupons.

Which one’s on your wish list?

Remember, New Year’s Eve is about having fun and feeling fabulous, no matter what you wear. We wish you and yours a fantastic night!

Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for New Parents

[ 3 ] December 15, 2010

This holiday season, your loved ones received a holiday bundle who’s here to stay! Trying to think of gift ideas for new parents? We’ve come up with some suggestions that your most-likely-exhausted friends will really appreciate.

Practical Gifts They Need

All new parents come to the same realization just after a few days of having the baby: infants go through diapers like crazy. And the second realization? Diapers are insanely expensive! You might feel embarrassed giving the new parents a few packs of diapers, but you’ll be surprised how grateful they’ll be. Check out some more practical gifts for new parents:

Groceries – They’ll hardly have time to do their weekly shopping. Help them out by bringing over the necessities including fruits and veggies they can easily snack on. To make it look festive, place items in a basket with a bow on top!

Maid Service – It’s hard to keep up on the house chores with a new baby to tend to. So consider getting them a gift certificate to help with the cleanup.

Diaper Bin – One thing many new parents have in common? The gag reflux. Help them banish some ungodly scents with a disposable diaper bin. – Coupon to use: One Step Ahead.

Baby Monitor – Some new parents are a little nervous and lose sleep checking on their baby. This gift can offer some peace of mind.

Photo Frames – As tired as they might be, they’ll still love tracking every moment when they can, so purchase a few photo frames for them.

Parenting Books – For their firstborn, friendly advice is always helpful. Pick out a new parents book like Baby Basics for information on what infants do in their first year. – Coupon to use:

Gifts New Parents Can Enjoy Together

Most new parents will tell you that in the first few months, they thought they were on the verge of losing their minds. Can you blame them? Their lives have changed drastically, and, just like that, there’s no time for them as a couple… until now! Give them these gifts to enjoy:

Spa Day Gift Certificate – Give them a spa gift certificate that you can print, email or snail mail to them! They might fall asleep after five minutes of the massage, but they’ll return home refreshed and invigorated. – Coupon to use: Spa Wish

Hair Salon Gift Certificate – Since they don’t have much time for themselves lately, this will really help them feel good.

Restaurant Gift Certificate – This goes great with the hair salon gift. They can get all dolled up and enjoy a night out as a couple!

Movie Tickets – Perfect for the couple who enjoys curling up together during a great flick.

There’s only one pitfall with these gifts: it’s hard to enjoy them with an infant strapped to your hip. That’s where the next gift comes in!

Gift of Time

Offer your babysitting services to the new parents. When they feel like they need time alone together for a nice break, it’ll give them peace of mind knowing they have you to help them out. Create some coupons that say “Redeemable for free babysitting services when you need them,” but be prepared to keep your night open as they might jump on the offer.

Have you ever purchased holiday gifts for new parents? Share your ideas with us!

New: Nutrisystem for Families! Does a Family Weight Loss Program = More Success?

[ 0 ] December 14, 2010

Well, this is interesting.

Nutrisystem just came out with a new family weight loss program that actually sounds pretty darn good.

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you know how difficult it can be when your family isn’t supportive of your goals. Frankly, they might even be jerks about it, groaning over how delicious their full-fat penne alfredo is.

Eating healthy is just like going to the gym in that it’s easier when you do it with other people. After a while, you’ll probably be fine doing it on your own, but having friends along for the ride really boosts motivation.

So along comes Nutrisystem for Families, a plan that encourages you and your partner to support, motivate and celebrate each other.

Here’s the Nutrisystem Family Plan coupon goodness:

How it works is pretty simple:

  1. Place a 28-Day Auto-Delivery Nutrisystem program order for yourself.
  2. Look for the Family Plan promotion presented after you place your order.
  3. Order another 28-Day Auto-Delivery program for someone in your household, and they’ll save $100 on that order & get 3 weeks of food.

I know you’re in full-fledged holiday mode, when eating appetizers before every meal becomes the norm. But, let’s face it: that new year’s resolution to eat smarter isn’t far off, and this coupon’s only available for a limited time.

Have a different weight loss plan in mind? Check out our other Nutrisystem coupons for deals.

So, what do you think of the idea of a family weight loss plan? Do you think you’d lose more weight with your partner on board? Have any of you tried Nutrisystem before?

Our Favorite Holiday Movies

[ 2 ] December 14, 2010

‘Tis the time of the season when all the best holiday specials and movies are shown on TV.

So, in anticipation for the awesome television ahead, I took an informal poll around the FabulousSavings office to check out everyone’s favorite holiday movies.

Below is our favorite holiday movies list. Do you agree with our choices? Remember to leave us a comment below with your opinion!

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Chevy Chase brings holiday hilarity as a disaster-prone dad in this comedy classic. From this movie, we learn just how dangerous the Christmas season can be.

So, curl up and be prepared to laugh as the Griswolds’ Christmas celebration turns out to be more of a disaster than a holiday filled with cheer.

Nightmare Before Christmas

This Tim Burton classic (one of my personal favs) is a perfect movie for the non-traditional holiday lover. The stop-motion animated film was based on a poem written by Burton while he was working as a Disney animator.

Sing along, and get lost in the whimsical adventure as you watch Jack Skellington discover Christmas and attempt to make it his own.

A Christmas Story

Whenever I see a kid walking down the street dressed in an uncomfortable amount of layers, or when I see a frozen pole in a school yard, I automatically think back to this holiday classic.

Christmas Day just wouldn’t be the same without Ralphie, his BB gun and everything else in this 1983 classic.

Love Actually

What’s not to love about this movie? Every story line is heartwarming, relatable and filled with all the joy of the holidays.

Love Actually follows a variety of individuals (who are actually interlinked) and their tales of love.

Home Alone

Whether you prefer Home Alone 1 or 2, we can all agree that this series brings a whole lotta holiday fun.

If you haven’t seen it already, the movie follows 8-year-old Kevin McCallister, who’s accidentally left behind when his family travels to France for Christmas. While the family is away, Kevin is left to defend his home against idiotic burglars.

It’s a Wonderful Life

One of the most beloved classic holiday films, It’s a Wonderful Life is the perfect movie to curl up with the family to on Christmas Day. Keep the tissues on hand for this one, as it’s filled with an abundance of magical Christmas moments that will warm your heart.

A Christmas Carol (Various Versions)

A Christmas Carol is one of the top Christmas movies of all time,and many families make a point of watching this holiday staple every December.

It’s no surprise that this flick has been remade a number of times. My favorite version is A Muppet Christmas Carol. What’s yours?

Bad Santa

This dark comedy is one to watch after the kids go to bed. Released in 2003, Bad Santa features Billy Bob Thorton as Willie Stokes, a Mall Santa with a bad attitude.

If you’re looking for a good laugh this holiday, this twisted film is definitely worth watching.

The Sound of Music

As the person who suggested The Sound of Music said, “Even though it isn’t a Christmas movie, per se, they always play it now.”

This pick may not be specifically Christmas related, but we’ll take any opportunity to watch it!

All of these films are available for less with our coupons.

Did we leave your favorite out? Tell us! What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

Top 5 Daily Outfit Blogs

[ 3 ] December 13, 2010

I am in love with daily outfit blogs. There’s a few that I’ve been checking ritualistically for quite some time now.

The reason why I’m so devoted to these blogs is because they offer something different that can’t be found in top fashion magazines - relatability. They’re about real women, making real fashion choices. As I read through these young women’s blogs, and check daily to see what they’re wearing, I find my style growing with theirs.

Below are my personal top 5 daily outfit blogs. These top five are all relatable, stylish and offer unique fashion perspectives.

What I Wore

Blogger Jessica Quirk’s style is classic and retro-chic.

Her blog is at the top of my list because she chooses items that are wearable and pretty with a retro twist.

I am so in love with her style that I sometimes find myself looking for pieces similar to what I’ve seen on her blog.

A few of my favorite outfits: Repeat, Repeat; Homecoming!; Lollipop.

Cupcakes and Cashmere

Emily’s blog is another one of my favs because she posts lovely outfits, delicious recipes and decorating tips – all with beautiful photography.

Her relaxed, California-girl style is pretty with a bit of an edge.

A few of my favorite outfits: Not So Black and White; Playing Dress Up; Cobblestones and Wedges.



My Style Pill

I fell in love with Christine Cameron’s blog the moment I saw the image to the left. I’m always impressed with the way she mixes pieces together. She’s a fashionista who isn’t afraid of patterns and color, which is something that I admire.

A few of my favorite outfits: That’s so Clutch; Shutter Shy; Up On the Fire Escape.

Kendi Everyday

Kendi’s blog is on this list because of her great style, created using affordable pieces. Sometimes I even see her wearing pieces that I own myself!

She has a quirky way of writing that’s endearing and honest. I also like that she isn’t afraid to reuse items in her closet. It shows readers that they too can rework the items they already own to create a fresh new look.

A few of my favorite outfits: Good Morning; Free Love; So We Meet Again.

Sterling Style

Sterling Style is another combination foodie/fashion blog. Taylor’s style is quite girly, which is something that I’m personally drawn to.

The ’how to’ section of the blog is also fun to look at. If you’re ever looking for good hair, makeup or beauty tips, I’d definitely recommend it.

A few of my favorite outfits: Mix it Up; Q is for Quail; The “L” Word.

What’s your favorite daily outfit blog?

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