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Fabulous Links: Week of 12/31/2010

[ 0 ] December 31, 2010
Kanye West’s Balenciaga Sneakers.
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Before you get ready to go out and celebrate the New Year’s tonight, check out this week’s list of top posts.

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CollegeFashion - Add some attitude to your wardrobe – Outfits Under $100: 3 Ways to Wear an Animal Print Coat.

Diet Week: Day Six – Diabetic Diet Plans

[ 0 ] December 31, 2010

This is the last part of a six-part diet series. Each day this week, we’ve featured a different weight loss program or plan to help you achieve your New Year’s weight loss resolution.

It’s the final day of Diet Week, and we’re looking at diabetic weight loss diet plans.

Losing weight with diabetes is not an easy task because of dietary restrictions.

However, when you sign up for a weight loss program suited to diabetics, it can be possible – even simple – to manage your blood glucose and weight at the same time.

Both diet programs below are suited to people with type 2 diabetes.


Similar to the vegetarian diet plan we talked about in yesterday’s Diet Week post, Nutrisystem offers diabetic weight loss plans for men and women.

The program, called Nutrisystem-D, involves a low-glycemic meal plan that helps you lose weight and lower blood sugar, A1C and cholesterol. You’ll eat six times a day to help stabilize blood sugar. And, you’ll receive 24/7 support with access to counselors & dietitians. Plus, now get your first seven days free with our Nutrisystem coupons!


Also made for people with type 2 diabetes, Medifast‘s pre-planned diet program is clinically proven to help you control your weight while you manage your diabetes.

Medifast Plus for Diabetics provides the proper nutrition for people with diabetes while encouraging weight loss through portion control. The plan may even help eliminate the need for medication. In fact, a study showed that, after 34 weeks on the Medifast for Diabetes program, 24% of users decreased or eliminated their diabetes medication.

You can review the Medifast website for meal plan options and packages for diabetics. As with Nutrisystem, you’ll benefit from support from registered dietitians. See our Medifast coupons for savings.

Are you a diabetes patient looking to lose weight in the new year? Will you try out one of these programs?

Diet Week: Day Five – Vegetarian Diet Plans

[ 73 ] December 30, 2010

This is the fifth part of a six-part diet series. Each day this week, we’ll feature a different weight loss program or plan to help you achieve your New Year’s weight loss resolution.

There’s a common misconception that all vegetarians are skinny animal lovers who eat salad at every meal.  But, aside from the animal lovers part, that simply isn’t true! Many vegetarians actually struggle with their weight.

When meat is no longer on the menu, it’s easy to grab a carb-loaded bagel to fill up. Making sure you’re getting the right nutrients is a challenging part of vegetarianism. So in this Diet Week post, we’re comparing diet programs according to the needs of vegetarians.


Nutrisystem is the only diet program on this list that has a meal plan specifically for vegetarians. The plan differs for men and women, but both plans come with pre-packaged vegetarian meals specially formulated to help you curb cravings.

Each plan is easy to follow, with no counting, weighing or measuring required. Just pre-planned Nutrisystem dietitian-approved vegetarian meals. How easy is that? (see our Nutrisystem coupons for savings).


Medifast doesn’t have a vegetarian diet plan, but they do have plenty of vegetarian-friendly Medifast meal options. And, similar to Nutrisystem, you’ll get the meal delivered to your door. Take a scan through Medifast’s PDF document listing their vegetarian options to see what’s on the menu.

Choose 5 vegetarian meals plus one Lean and Green Meal, and you’re set to start losing! Plus, get $50 off orders of $275 or more with our Medifast coupon.

Weight Watchers

With Nutrisystem and Medifast, your vegetarian meals are planned out and delivered directly to your door. With the Weight Watchers program, you’ll have to do a little more work.

Weight Watchers is based on a points system, so you’ll have to figure out your own recipes. But the bonus is that you won’t have to eat the same pre-planned meals everyday (read more about Weight Watchers in our Day Two of Diet Week post).

The Weight Watchers website offers some excellent articles for vegetarians who are counting their points. Check out Tips for Vegetarian EatingLet’s Go Out for…Vegetarian and Vegetarian Slow-Cooker Suppers for great information on vegetarian eating (see our Weight Watchers coupons ).

Have you tried any of these diet programs? Tell us what you think!

Diet Week: Day Four – Diet Plans for Men

[ 0 ] December 29, 2010

This is the fourth part of a six-part diet series. Each day this week, we’ll feature a different weight loss program or plan to help you achieve your New Year’s weight loss resolution.

You might think that diet plans are mostly tailored toward women, but that’s not true. Since losing weight and starting a healthier lifestyle are universal desires, diet plans for men do indeed exist. It’s only a matter of doing your research and deciding which one works best for your life.

If you need a little help deciding, check out the following plans below:

Medifast 5 & 1 Plan for Men

Most diet plans don’t leave you feeling very satisfied after meals. Medifast’s 70+ meals for men are designed to curb your appetite with foods higher on the Fullness Index.  And unlike a lot of diets, Medifast actually encourages regular eating with five full meals a day of healthy, nutrient-rich food. Intrigued? These are your options:

  • 2-Week Package - Delicious meals & snacks for a 2-week period, including shakes, bars, oatmeal & soups.
  • 4-Week Package - Contains the exact number of meals you need for a 28-day period & 3 bonus meals as well.
  • Enhanced 4-Week Package - Super Omega 3-enriched foods including scrambled eggs & heart-healthy vitamin supplements.


If the 5 & 1 Plan for Men strikes your fancy, join with our free Medifast coupon and get $25 off orders of $150 or more.

Nutrisystem – Men’s 28-Day Plan

The men’s plan for Nutrisystem doesn’t even seem like dieting at all. It simply teaches you portion control, how to set frequent eating times and good carbs vs. bad carbs. Don’t worry, you’ll still be getting your fill of hearty “man foods,” they’ll just be heart-healthy and make you feel full longer. Here are the plans:

  • Basic - 28-day meal plan full of protein, good carbs & absolutely no calorie counting.
  • Silver - Designed for older men. Consists of low-sodium, protein rich foods to reduce cholesterol.
  • Vegetarian - Easy-to-follow hearty vegetarian meal plan that includes over 90 delicious options.

Every plan includes free shipping as an added incentive. Plus, you get 3 full weeks of food when you sign up with our free Nutrisystem coupon.

Have you had any experience with either Medifast or Nutrisystem? What did you think?

Top 10 Memorable Celebrity Fashion Moments of 2010

[ 1 ] December 28, 2010

2010 is almost gone, and it’s time to move on to a new year.

But first, lets take some time to reflect on this past year by taking a fun look back at the good, the bad and the OMG! moments of celebrity fashion.

Here’s our list of the most memorable top celebrity fashions of 2010:

10) Katy’s Latex Obsession

Katy Perry showed her love of latex throughout 2010, wearing various prints, from gumball machines to chocolate chip cookies.

In an interview with People magazine, Katy claimed that the dresses are actually quite comfortable, but admitted they wont be appropriate forever. “They have an expiration date and that’s why I’m wearing them now at 25,” Katy said.

9) Leighton’s Menswear

On November 29th, Leighton Meester wore a Thom Browne suit to the 2010 Gotham Independent Film Awards.

By the next night, stars such as Jessica Alba, Lara Bingle and Winona Ryder were spotted wearing menswear inspired looks.

It makes us wonder, did Leighton start a menswear trend that will continue into 2011?

8) Johnny Weir’s Furry Controversy

During the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, American figure skater Johnny Weir caused controversy with his fur-detailed costume.

Fashion-loving Weir received serious threats from extremist animal activists about his costume choice. The threats caused him to stay in the Olympic Village, where security was tighter than his hotel.

7) The Ultimate Red Carpet Disaster

Of all the red carpet disasters of 2010, this one takes the cake. Although it seems like Ke$ha actually tries to look bad regularly, she outdid herself at the 2010 VMA’s.

What is with the garbage bag dress? And don’t even get me started on her hair.

6) Hermione’s Haircut

Longing to rid herself of the Hermione character, Emma Watson chopped her long locks after Harry Potter wrapped. The move caused quite a stir!

She had many fashion hits on the red carpet sporting her new short ‘do, but this Rafael Lopez lace and feathered dress has been the clear winner so far.

5) Kanye’s Red Suit

The VMA’s were a hot spot for memorable fashion moments this year.

After the show aired, conversation fluttered about Kanye’s bold red silk suit. Known for being a talented fashion-forward rapper (among other things), Kanye took the VMA stage to perform “Runaway.” The suit was a perfect choice against the black and white set.

The guy knows how to make a statement. Good or bad.

4) Not Safe for Sesame Street

Back in September, Katy Perry got herself into some hot water due to the revealing Gile’s Deacon dress she donned on a Sesame Street segment.

After her Sesame Street spot, in which she sings a clean version of her hit “Hot and Cold” with Elmo, was posted online, parents reacted with outrage, concerned that her look was too risqué for children. Sesame Street ended up scrapping the clip entirely.

She later appeared on Saturday Night Live to mock the controversy, wearing a cleavage-baring Elmo tee.

3) Taylor Momsen’s “Rocker” Style

Taylor Momsen’s style took a turn for the gothic and trashy this year, as the 16-year-old strayed from her Gossip Girl role to pursue her music career with The Pretty Reckless.

Basically, Taylor is in a band and wants everyone to know it. While on tour, she threw on this lovely ensemble (left). Given her age, it’s easy to understand why the world was shocked by her revealing look…and pretty confused over why she opted to wear clear platform stripper shoes complete with slots for tips.

Maybe she’ll grow out of this rebel phase in 2011, but, for the sake of bad fashion, we hope she stays just as she is.

2) The Royal Engagement Dress

Following the announcement of the royal engagement, stores sold out of the sapphire-blue Issa London dress Kate Middleton wore within 24 hours.

It’s safe to say that whatever the future queen wears, her style will be eagerly sought after. There’s no doubt we’ll see many more memorable fashion moments from Kate (i.e. the wedding dress!), but, for 2010, this is without a doubt her most noteworthy moment.

The dress is still sold out at, but keep checking back to see if more stock becomes available.

1) The Meat Dress

Without a doubt the most memorable celebrity fashion moment of 2010 was Lady Gaga’s meat dress, which she wore to the MTV Video Music Awards.

The dress, made from 100% authentic meat, had everybody talking. Animal rights organizations voiced their opposition, rumors spread about maggots, and warnings were issued around Halloween advising people not to recreate the look.

It’s not often that one outfit causes so much controversy. How will Lady Gaga top herself in 2011? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Do you agree with our top 10? What’s your number one fashion moment of 2010? Leave us a comment!

Diet Week: Day Three – Medifast

[ 0 ] December 28, 2010

This is the third part of a six-part diet series. Each day this week, we’ll feature a different weight loss program or plan to help you achieve your New Year’s weight loss resolution.

The Medifast weight loss program consists of five meals a day plus one Lean & Green meal, comprised of lean protein and non-starchy vegetables.

Medifast clients can order their Lean & Green meal at their favorite restaurant or fix it themselves to enjoy at the family table. The meals come in portion-controlled packets, making Medifast an excellent choice for busy people. And now, get $50 off orders of $275 or more with our Medifast coupon.

Healthy Lifestyle

Medifast is different from other weight loss programs because they promote a healthy lifestyle overhaul instead of the basic weight loss goal. Losing weight is about more than looking great in your bikini; it’s about becoming healthier. To ensure Medifast dieters are receiving the best nutrition, all Medifast meals are fortified with vitamins and minerals.

The general Medifast 5 & 1 Plan per day consists of:

  • Choosing from over 70 delicious Medifast meals, such as scrambled eggs, chili, oatmeal, shakes and pudding.
  • Eating 5 meals a day.
  • Eating at least 1 lean meat & vegetable meal per day.
  • Drinking plenty of water.
  • Never feeling hungry or feel weak from low energy since you’re eating every 2 to 3 hours.

Customized Meal Plans

Similar to Nutrisystem, Medifast has customized meal plans for men, women and diabetics. Although there’s no vegetarian plan, many of Medifast’s meal choices are vegetarian-approved, with egg-, milk-, fish- and meat-free options.

  • Women: Along with a specialized meal plan, Medifast has a unique line of shakes formulated to meet your specific health needs. Shake ingredients may help reduce symptoms of menopause.
  • Men: The men’s diet plan includes a higher Fullness Index than other weight-loss plans to keep you satisfied longer.
  • Diabetic: This plan successfully helps people lose twice as much weight than those who followed the recommended food guidelines of the ADA.

Have you tried Medifast? What did you think about the program?

Weight Loss Tips for Lazy Dieters

[ 0 ] December 27, 2010

Ugh. Dieting and weight loss is so hard. Really – all that counting up calories and running for miles. Who has time for that? But even if you think you have zero time to lose weight, there are a few quick and easy weight loss tips that even the laziest dieter can do.

Walk More

Diets for lazy people are all about doing something that is the least disruptive to your routine. So, I’m not talking about getting all geared up and doing laps around the neighborhood (really!). Just incorporate little things into your routine. Take the stairs whenever possible and park farther away from the mall. Also get this Biggest Loser Body Bugg. Not only can you track your actual steps, but people will automatically think you’re exercising like crazy because you have a gadget. Awesome.

Use our coupons to save on yours.

Eat! Eat!

Think dieting means subsisting on lettuce leaves and celery sticks? No way. When you’re trying to lose weight, it’s best to eat smaller meals, but more of them. Tip: make most of your meals on one day, or at least cut up the veggies and get everything organized. Then you just have to grab it and go, or throw it in the pot without the prep time.

Also check out food plans that work with your lifestyle. The Alternate Day Diet gives you every other day off, so if you have a dinner with friends coming up it’s no big deal if you cheat a bit.

Save on yours with our Barnes & Noble coupons.


Sit Still – Actively

Even when you don’t feel like going out of the house, or even really standing up for that matter, you can still use those muscles. Instead of lying down on the couch, sit up straight, with your shoulders back and engage your abs. Or even better, purchase a balance ball, and sit on it while watching TV. Grab some weights, and do a few bicep curls. Voila! Easy steps to weight loss.

Save on your balance ball using our Gaiam coupons.


Get More Sleep

This is probably my favorite lazy tip. Get the proper amount of sleep. Yes! I’m giving you permission to sleep those extra hours, so your body has time to rejuvenate and rebuild itself. You’ll feel oh-so much better in the morning, and you’ll be surprised what it will do to your metabolism!

There are easy, healthy ways to lose weight. And the best part about these tips is that after you use them for awhile, you’ll find you’re feeling considerably less lazy and want to work out more, leading to more weight loss. Well, isn’t that neat!

What’s your workout trick? Leave a comment, and let us know!

Diet Week: Day Two – Weight Watchers

[ 0 ] December 27, 2010

This is the second part of a six-part diet series. Each day this week, we’ll feature a different weight loss program or plan to help you achieve your New Year’s weight loss resolution.

The brand Weight Watchers is synonymous with weight loss. Since their first meeting in the 1960’s, people everywhere have been successfully shedding their unwanted pounds and living a healthier lifestyle through the program. Even celebrities, like Jennifer Hudson, can’t help but sing its praises.

And now, you can save 25% off the first month of your Weight Watchers Monthly Pass with our Weight Watchers coupons.

What makes Weight Watchers unique?

Eat What You Want

This is music to every dieter’s ears. Weight Watchers teaches how to make healthy choices. Their PointsPlus Program uses an algorithm that allocates points for every meal and snack you have based on their protein, carbohydrates, fat and fiber content. Your daily point allowance is calculated when you sign up to join.  Your point allowance is based on several factors – like your age, physical activity and gender. Also, every week you get 49 Flex Points, on top of your daily points allowance, to allow you to indulge yourself. Although, it is recommended to not use all of your Flex Points for optimal weight loss.

The focus of the PointsPlus Program is to get you to choosing foods that are more filling (they call these foods Power Foods) and rewarding you for making healthy choices. For example, an apple is worth zero points under the program; making it an ideal choice when you get a snack attack.

Amazing Support

Weight Watchers’ members are incredibly supportive. Even the laziest dieter gets inspired and motivated from the online forums and weekly meetings. Whatever time of day, you can count on a Weight Watchers member for helpful advice or inspirations like: “If you kind of do it, it kind of works.”

Also, if your work schedule is as hectic as Justin Bieber‘s, you can choose between Weight Watcher’s Monthly Pass, where you can attend local meetings, or Weight Watchers Online. You can save over 25% on Weight Watchers Online with our coupon.

Great Tools

Another nifty feature of Weight Watchers is that they are everywhere, literally. It’s easy to immerse yourself into the diet, without sacrificing too much (it is still a diet after all) of your lifestyle.

Whip up delicious recipe with the points information already provided through Weight Watchers cookbooks. Or if you eat out often, Weight Watchers has a mobile app for your smartphone to help you calculate your meal points. There are also newsletters that keep you up-to-date with anything new and happening at Weight Watchers.

Surprisingly, this is just the tip of the Weight Watchers tools iceberg. Their website is sprinkled with other online tools you can use to help you achieve your weight loss goal.

Are you already a Weight Watchers member? Or are you just discovering it for the first time? Leave a comment below!

Diet Week: Day One – Nutrisystem

[ 2 ] December 26, 2010

This is the first part of a six-part diet series. Each day this week, we’ll feature a different weight loss program or plan to help you achieve your New Year’s weight loss resolution.

To kick off diet week, we’re taking a look at Nutrisystem, a simple and effective weight loss program that takes the guess work out of dieting. And now, get 3 free weeks of food when you sign up with our Nutrisystem coupon!

Here are a few highlights of the program:

Simple 3-Step Program

  1. Choose your food plan: Select a 28-day meal plan that works for you: basic, silver, vegetarian, diabetic or family plan. Choose to customize the menu with foods you love, or opt to get the pre-selected meals delivered to you.
  2. Get food delivered to your door: In just days, you’ll receive your order along with a results kit to track your progress. Delivery cost is low, with meal plans starting at $11 per day.
  3. Eat healthy and track your weight loss: Follow the meal planner and combine healthy grocery store items with Nutrisystem foods.

Customized Meal Plan

NutriSystem recently began offering each of the five 28-day meal plans in separate programs for men and women, effectively doubling the number of plans available. These specialized meal plans are great since men and women have different nutritional needs, regardless of whether they’re both vegetarian, diabetic, etc. Let’s take a closer look at the plans:

  • Vegetarian: Based on a completely structured 28-Day meal plan, the vegetarian plan features foods with low-glycemic “good” carbohydrates and protein-rich foods, such as tofu, beans and whole grains.
  • Silver: A structured meal plan specifically designed for older women and men. The plan includes “good carbs” and the right amounts of protein and fiber, lower sodium, reduced cholesterol and fewer saturated fats to promote heart health.
  • Family: Lose weight with a partner to amp up your motivation. Check out our post - New: Nutrisystem for Families! Does a Family Weight Loss Program = More Success? for more information, and get $100 off with our Nutrisystem Family Plan coupon.
  • Diabetic: A weight loss program compliant with USDA national nutrition guidelines for people with type 2 diabetes. The meal plans include yummy foods, such as cinnamon buns, meatball parm, ravioli formaggio and even ice cream!

Online Community

One of the best things about following a diet program is being part of a weight loss community. Nutrisystem provides a free online community that includes discussion boards and newsletters, as well as counseling and support systems.

Nutrisystem also offers weight loss tracking tools, such as a weight measurement log, a progress tracker, a food diary and an exercise log, to help you stay on track.

Do you already use Nutrisystem? What do you like or dislike about the program? Tell us in a comment below!

Wishing You Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

[ 0 ] December 25, 2010

From our family to yours, have a festive and fabulous holiday season!

- The Team

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