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childproofing and baby safety productsEven though the home is a place where your child feels safe, it can actually be quite dangerous. Falls and scrapes are bound to happen, and it’s good to let kids be kids. But childproofing your home is also a good idea to avoid serious accidents that are preventable.

I’ve picked out a few items from Diapers.com that I think are must-have baby safety products for every home with a little one. Check out the childproofing category for everything available. And if you use coupon code BABY16B, you’ll get 20% off your order. Every penny saved is a penny that gets put into the college fund, right? Or some happy time at the ice-cream parlor. I vote for the latter.

Safety 1st Adjustable Mult-Purpose StrapSafety 1st Adjustable Mult-Purpose Strap

Was: $4.62 | 20% off with code BABY16B: $3.70

Why you need it: It keeps hazardous items in cabinets away from your little one. Plus, you take away the danger of slamming doors/drawers on little hands.

Details: It’s adjustable in length to fit cabinets, drawers and even the fridge.

KidCo Anti-Tip Furniture StrapKidCo Anti-Tip Furniture Strap

Was: $5.65 | 20% off with code BABY16B: $4.52

Why you need it: Furniture toppling on kids is a big disaster. These firmly secure your furniture to the wall for safety and peace of mind.

Details: It comes in a set of two and is very easy to install.

Rhoost Finger Guard1Rhoost Finger Guard

Was: $11.39 | 20% off with code BABY16B: $9.11

Why you need it: This protects little fingers from the doors and hinges. You might be getting them for the little one, but you’d probably find them helpful too!

Details: No screws or adhesive required so you don’t damage anything. Also available in white.

Mommy's Helper Safe Plate Automatic Outlet Safety CoverMommy's Helper Safe Plate Automatic Outlet Safety Cover

Was: $3.29 | 20% off with code BABY16B: $2.63

Why you need it: Outlet plugs within reach + curious kids = shock. Put these covers on and the little ones can’t get into the outlet openings.

Details: When the plug is taken out, the sliding covers close automatically. You don’t have to take the covers on and off.

Safety 1st Swing Shut Toilet LockSafety 1st Swing Shut Toilet Lock

Was: $10.29 | 20% off with code BABY16B: $8.23

Why you need it: Mysteriously clogged toilets may be the results of kids throwing random things in. This device keeps the lid shut so little ones can’t open it.

Details: No drilling is needed since it uses strong adhesive. Plus, the unit doesn’t touch the bowl.

There’s an abundance of childproofing and baby-safety products available at Diapers.com to give you peace of mind. Just remember to use coupon code BABY16B to get 20% off.

How childproofed is your home? What are some of the craziest things your kids have gotten into?


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