10 fun and fabulous chilly weather date ideas

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don’t let the chilly weather put
a damper on your date.

Finding fun ways to spice up a winter date night can be a challenge. Especially if you’re like me and would spend the entire season in hibernation if given the choice (…lucky bears!).

It may be cold outside, but don’t hide away! Below are 10 fun and fabulous date ideas. Some I’ve tried myself. Others, I’ve come across while searching things to do to help make the harsh winter chill a little more bearable.

So read on, winter-lovers and wannabe hibernators alike! Below are date ideas that’ll satisfy even the most mismatched weather pairing.

indoor date ideas

1) old school video game tourney

If you and your date are self-described gamers, you’re gonna love this one.

Get out your gaming stations, your favorite video games, pizza to munch on and a few drinks (optional, of course). And voila! You’ve got yourself a super fun, winter-proof date night!

This is one of my favorite low keys dates. Great for when you and your partner want to avoid the cold all together and just spend time together at home.

cotton candy on a cookie?
if it tastes good, bake it!
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2) ultimate cookie bake-off

Now this one I haven’t tried. But it sure sounds fun! For a super sweet bonding experience come up with the best sounding cookie ever and bake it. Combine you and your date’s favorite cookie ingredients to make the ultimate cookie.

Or, if you and your date have differing opinions on what makes up the best cookie ever, then have a bake-off! Make separate batches of cookies with your individually chosen ingredients and enjoy the finished products together!


3) board game challenge

Sometimes the simplest date ideas are the most fun.

The key to making this date idea a success is to turn off all distractions and plunge right into the games. Don’t be afraid to get competitive!

Some fun and fabulous game suggestions for date nights: Cranium (best for more than two people), Twister, Scrabble.

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4) hotel fake-out

Step one: Send the kids to Grandma’s…

Now that the kids are away it’s time to create an at-home hotel experience. Spend the day in bed, order in (room service!), watch movies and enjoy some quality alone time together for the night.

Or, do the real thing! Rent a hotel room for just one night. Indulge, pamper and enjoy yourselves, guilt-free. I love doing this every once in a while. It feels like a one-night getaway vacation!

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5) make hot cocktails

The options are endless when it comes to the yummy holiday inspired cocktails you can create.

Visit your local liquor store and grab some delicious liqueurs that’ll taste fabulous in a hot drink. Start with hot chocolate as your base and it’s hard to go wrong.

Mix your drink together and add toppings such as, chocolate or caramel sauce, cinnamon sticks, whipped cream, etc. Get creative with it! My personal fave: Hot chocolate with mint or french vanilla Irish Cream…mmmm!

outdoor date ideas

5) make a snowman

You don’t have to venture far into the winter cold to have a good time.

This is something I joyfully discovered last winter. Yup, a great date idea is just steps away from your door…as long as there’s snow on the ground.

Just grab your date and some snowman making essentials (carrots, a scarf…you know the drill), head outdoors and start creating your snowman buddy. Don’t forget to snap some pics after you make him. He won’t last forever!

6) see the lights

Take a stroll around your block and check out the fabulous holiday light displays your neighbors have put together.

Didn’t find any amazing light displays in your area? That’s alright. The holiday decorations in my neighborhood are pretty average, too. Just take a drive and discover an area where the residents go all out. Almost every city or town has at least one! Track em’ down and enjoy.

cold outside? get a little

7) winter nature walk

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy nature. Bundle up in your warmest attire (we’re talking layers here!) and get out there.

A great tip is to visit conservation areas in your area and check if they have any winter activities you and your date can do together (e.g. ice fishing, skating, snowshoeing, etc.).

Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a new winter hobby you and your date can share!

8) go sledding

All you need for this super fun date idea is a hill and a sled! Make it interesting. Have races or take turns timing each other. If you’re super adventurous pair, build tiny jumps and hills and try to do some tricks!

Don’t have a sled? No problem! Grab some cafeteria trays, a large slab of cardboard, some vinyl cushions…pretty much any thing that’ll hold your weight and slide down the hill smoothly. But, be prepared! Some of these DIY sleds may be a bit faster than your average sled…

9) go skiing or snowboarding

Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, these winter activities will show off your adventurous side. If you’re both beginners it’ll be a fun experience learning together. Both experts? Well then show off your skills!

If one of you is more experienced than the other, you’ll have a great time learning and/or teaching your date how to be a pro! Whatever to case, you’re set up for a great winter date.

10) head to trivia night at the bar

This is another idea I haven’t tried myself, yet. But it seems like a super fun time. Head out to a trivia night at a local bar. Grab some beers, some appetizers test out your trivia skills.

If it’s a first date you’re planning, the trivia night will give you both some interesting topics to chat about. Plus, if your team wins, drinks are usually on the house!

What’s your favorite winter date night idea? Share in a comment below!

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